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November 17, 2020

There was a time, after we published the Tiny Tots cookbook, when most of the things I made came from that book.  But the book has been sitting on a shelf for a long time.  I took it down and looked through it when I was making the Mexican won ton.

One recipe I came across was Mushrooms in Wine, a recipe I always loved and hadn't made in decades

1 lb fresh mushrooms
1/2 to 1 cup white wine
1/2 cube of butter
3 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
3 Tbsp soy sauce
2 Tbsp minced onion flakes
1 Tsp oregano
few sprinkles of garlic salt, rosemary
Wash mushrooms and dry with paper towels.  saute 3 minutes in melted butter.  add wine, Worcestershire and soy sauce, salt and pepper lightly. If desired, add onion flakes and spices.  Simmer gently until tender, about 1/2 hour.

The recipe came from our friend Michele Havel, who died in 2007.  Michele and her husband Richard were the only people who ever broke into the Pinata People when we met them at Tiny Tots nursery school, with their son, Eric.  We became great friends, especially Michele and Char.

This was just a short time before she died.
the last time we saw her.

Mike and Char had a house which was just a few blocks from ours.  When they moved out of Oakland and were selling their house, Michele and Richard bought it, so the house stayed "in the family."

When I was placing foreign students with people, Michele and Richard took Murillo, from Brasil.  He got into the spirit of our making fun of Richard with this nose and glasses.

The Havels owned property in the Mendocino area, which the kids named "Eric's property."  We had a lot of camping trips there.  I think it was the first year when Char's son Tim discovered huckleberries on the bushes there and ever after every trip included harvesting huckleberries for sourdough pancakes the next morning.

After her death, we scattered some of her ashes at Eric's property.  Tim scattered ashes on the spot where he first discovered the huckleberries.

One of my favorite memories of Michele was from Eric's property when it rained and we were stuck because the cars couldn't drive up the wet road down into the place.  Mike, Richard and Walt went to find a phone so they could call for help, leaving Char, Michele and me and all the kids (Ned had a broken leg and was in a cast) with no shelter because we had packed up the tents.  The guys were at a neighbor's house having nice hot coffee while they waited for the truck to come and help with the cars.  This is perhaps my favorite photo of Michele.

All these memories from cooking her mushrooms again.  They were as delicious as I remember them being.


We scattered some of Michele's ashes
when we were in Nice, France
(she always wanted to go to France and never made it)


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