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November 9, 2020

I was sitting at my desk typing something and I think Walt was talking to me.  The sound was muted on the TV, and then I suddenly looked up and saw

Pennsylvania had given its electoral college votes to Biden and that took him over 270.

The emotion of all of the talking heads who have been reporting the election was palpable.  (Rachel Maddow was home on quarantine because of exposure to COVID)

Steve Kornaki, who had been keeping track of the states and their votes for three days on MSNBC with almost no sleep was able to leave the studio and go home.

All over the country celebrations broke out.

I posted this outside our front door.

The depression I've felt for the past 3-1/2 years and the anxiety ever since votes started to be counted has disappeared.  The bad thing about the results is that apparently half of the country are ok with hate, racism, sexism, lying, cheating, bullying, kidnapping, and ignorance as long as their finances seem to be ok.  The good thing about it is that the other half of the country are as concerned about democracy as I have been. 

The most frustrating thing about Trump is his destruction of our democracy, the thing I have grown up believing was what made this country special.  He didn't do anything that presidents are supposed to do.  Checks and balances went by the wayside.  He put un-educated people into key positions because they paid him for a big title, whether they knew anything about the job or not, because he knew they would be loyal to HIM, not to the country.  He fired anybody who went against his desires.  Anything that he wanted to do, that was really illegal, he just did it and not a single Republican challenged him.  With another four years, our democracy would have been gone completely.  Benjamin Franklin said that they had created a democracy "if you can keep it."  After 200+ years, we were finally losing it.

But at least 74,000,000 people (excluding the states not yet counted, like Nevada and Arizona) cared about our democracy and have made certain that we can "keep it."  Biden has a huge job ahead of him and I don't envy him at all, but if there is anybody who can erase the hatred that Trump has brought to this country, it's this good man who truly cares for people.

Trump tweeted that Biden had received NO legal votes and that he himself had won the election and that today he will be filing lawsuits to prove that he won the election, but since he has no evidence to back up his claims, it's unlikely that even his hand-appointed judges will reverse the results of the election.

And we now have a Black/Asian woman as vice president.  Harris' joy as she gave her speech was wonderful to watch. 

Little girls like my granddaughters now have this woman to look up to, to know that they can do anything they want to do, if they work for it.  Biden shattered the glass ceiling.

I am feeling better today than I have for a very long time.


Roast beef, home made onion rings and champagne
to celebrate Biden's election

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