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November 3, 2020

So today is the day.  I haven't listened to the news all day and have read only a bit of it on line.  I am shocked to learn that #45 supporters in at least two states attacked Biden rallys -- they blocked the entrance to a Harris rally so that her bus could not get in and she had to cancel, and another group, with flags flying surrounded a campaign bus and tried to push it off the highway.  When the CHP tried to stop them, #45 said they weren't doing anything wrong.

#45 Junior now says that COVID deaths are nearly zero.  230,000+ dead.  Zero.  And the administration still doesn't have a plan for how to end the coronavirus, but he's in court trying to end the Affordable Care Act.

I can't even write about this any more because of the things it does to my stomach.  I sincerely hope we won't be dealing with the election for the next several weeks.

Ned has been incredibly busy.  Once he got the new shed set up in the back yard, he started moving things out of the garage and into the shed, and then arranging what was left in the garage.  This garage has never ever had a car in it in the 47 years we have lived here because there was never any space.

Now we won't put a car in it...but we could.  There is still a lot out in the carport that needs to go back into the garage, but when it's all finished Ned and Marta will be able to have exercise equipment and space in the garage and Ned hopes to set up a recording studio, so he can play his drum and maybe record a few things with a friend of his here in Davis.

Instead of watching the news on TV, I've been working my new puzzle and reading.  I'm nearly finished with the delightful "Between the Stops" by Sandi Toksvig.  She has such great stories to share including this one about a childrenl's show she was hosting, where each week they had a specific animal guest:

Our resident vet was a marvellous man called David Taylor. One week I asked him what creature we would be dealing with and he announced, ‘This week we are going to have an elephant and a mouse in the back garden so we can discuss their basic physiological differences.’

I thought you’d have to be a pretty stupid child not to spot the basic differences by yourself, but fair enough. On the morning of the broadcast I was racing about as usual, chatting to the other characters and generally running the place when the moment arrived for David’s item. I ran into the back yard and there was the aforementioned elephant waiting with David, who held a small mouse in his hand. I had asked David before the show if the two creatures would get on. ‘Oh don’t worry,’ he had replied, ‘elephants are vegetarian.’ Well, not this one. David was busy explaining the basic points when the elephant, clearly bored with the discussion, reached out his trunk, picked up the mouse and placed the poor animal right in his mouth. It was horrifying. We were broadcasting live in front of millions of children. At this point David did what you would hope any vet might do. He reached first into the elephant’s mouth and then deep down into its throat and retrieved a frankly rather shaken mouse. He turned to me and declared, ‘Oh look, they’re playing!’

She also has a surprising amount of information about Napoleon's penis.

All this is much more pleasant and less stressful than listening to a day of specuation about voting and results.  Unless you're reading Margaret and Helen, one of my favorite blogs. At their age, they figure this is probably their last political election. 

I'm spending the day folding won ton and binge watching The West Wing.


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