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29 May 2020

I heard from what will be a new pen pal from Finland yesterday and she asked me about our time in Finland.  We stopped in Helsinki for 3 days on our way to our first river cruise (in Russia).  We actually only spent two days in Helsinki and on the middle day we took the ferry to Estonia -- 'cause why not?  It was another country we could visit.

We saw some nice things in Finland, like the Silbelius monument with musicians playing his music nearby. 

But the thing that impressed me the most in Finland was how long their words are.  Looking at signs, I wondered how Finnish children ever learn to spell! 

Char and I went to McDonald's and I was so impressed with the posted menu that I tried to take a picture of it and learned it was not legal to take pictures of the McDonald's menu.  Go figure.  However, I did check the translation of the word "Cheeseburger" in Finnish.  It's:


I think checking out the menu and all the choices, I'd go for a plain glass of water, which is only "vesi" in Finnish.

I'm thinking about our many cruises over the years  today, especially hearing how Trump has decided he wants to regulate social media because Twitter has added a link to information on paper ballots, which he calls taking away his free speech and trying to manipulate the 2020 election.   The man is nuts.  But he does have the power of the executive order ... and can he regulate Twitter and Facebook?  In China, you cannot access Facebook, I learned when we were there.

Polly went outside and in a couple of minutes came back:

She has never carried anything like this and she has never chased a squirrel, so I don't know what happed to this guy ... fortunately it's not Dexter, I don't believe.  I won't know for sure until Dexter comes around.  But I think Polly saw the dead squirrel and brought him here for me to help him.  But it was too late.

This hurts my heart.




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