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26 May 2020

It was nice spending the last 4 days in the 18th century. 

It was the perfect way to visit the 18th century.  All the ambiance, but a pause button for trips to indoor plumbing, air conditioning and Febreeze.

And yes, the TV was on from 9 p.m. Friday to 5 p.m. Monday.  It worked well with my normal weird sleep schedule.  I checked to see which episodes were coming up and would sleep during episodes that I knew I didn't like all that much, but I managed to be awake for all of my favorite episodes.

So I watched Claire accidentally slide through to the 18th century, get rescued by highlanders, get attacked by her 20th century husband's relative, Black Jack Randall, marry Jamie Fraser to keep her from Black Jack, fall in love with Jamie, sleep with the King of France, return to the 20th century to give birth to Jamie's child, and all the way through her return to the 18th century and their adventures up to Fraser's Ridge in North Carolina where Jamie and Claire are grandparents and the adventures continue, as they inch closer to the American Revolution.

I was so exhausted from my time in the 18th century that I took a "pre-sleep nap" at 8 last night, waking at 10.  I watched an episode of The English Game and The Great British Baking Show and then around 1 a.m. went back to sleep until about 3, which is myh usual waking time.

But I returned from the 18th century with a bang watching Morning Joe to find out what The Orange One had been doing the last 3 days.  Nearly a million dead and he still refuses to wear a mask and is off playing golf. 

He also spent, as the records show, 2-1/2 hours on twitter yesterday saying nasty things about everything and everybody.  I can't believe that he is demanding an investigation of the death of a staff member of Joe Scarborough, when he was a senator in 2001.  With zero evidence, he claims an affair between Scarborough and the staffer, and her murder, which was ruled by the coroner to have been the result of a fall as a result of a heart problem she had. 

The husband of the staff member sent a very heartfelt, painful letter to Twitter demanding that Trump's tweets about his wife be removed.

But if people can talk about THAT (which I guess I am doing), maybe they will forget his inactivity with the virus and how doctors say that if he had acted sooner, thousands would not have died.

You know, I don't know what God is doing these days, but it really isn't fair.  It's not fair that millions are sick and dying of the virus and Trump can go without a mask beause he doesn't like the way he looks in one (and made fun of Biden for wearing a mask yesterday), he can take a drug that all doctors warn is dangerous to his heart, he can visit sick patients and not wear a mask despite the fact that everyone else wears one.  He can have employees who test positive but he is not sick.

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- I don't want him to die of the virus, but I want him to be sick enough to maybe have an understanding of what millions in this country are going through.  If not Trump himself, would his dormant/nonexistent empathy feelings be stirred if Ivanka were on a respirator somewhere?

The surprising thing in the news this morning was a tweet storm  by right wing columnist Ann Coulter, a long-time supporter of Trump, who had nothing good to say about him today, calling him a "the most disloyal actual retard that has ever set foot in the Oval Office," a "jackass president," a "blithering idiot" and "a lout who was incapable of 'pretending to be' a decent, compassionate human being.”

Gee...is the right wing finally starting to notice???

I will never apologize for supporting the issues that candidate Trump advocated, but I am deeply sorry for thinking that this shallow and broken man would show even some remote fealty to the promises that got him elected.




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