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22 May 2020

Well, this is why there is the internet.

There was no mail yesterday and I had nobody to write to (now that I am into this pen pal thing) but there were no pen pal letters.  I am in two pen pal groups on Facebook and still on Globalpenfriends (which I have finally figured out how to make work for me).

I put out a note on the two Facebook groups saying I needed someone to write to, and sent a couple of messages on Global and by the end of the day I had eight women who wanted to communicate with me, including one from Australia and one from Germany.  So I have my weekend set, for sure!  It will get me through Sunday and the mail holiday on Monoday!

The nice thing about getting pen pals from Facebook is that you can check people's accounts and get an idea of whether or not you think you would get along.  I got a note from someone today who would like to write to me, but her Facebook page is filled with pro-gun, pro-Trump stuff and ... uh... I don't think so.  I just didn't respond to her.

It's not that I would discount her because of her posts (who knows how many people feel exactly the same abut me!!!).  I am able to get along with people with vastly different ideas.  A friend and I have been friends since college, though on serious issues, I don't think there is anything on which we agree.  But we have a history and we have children and grandchildren to discuss.  I once spent 3 days with her and things were fine until day #3 when we were running out of trivial things to discuss and I knew it was time to leave.  I do love her, I just don't agree with most of her ideas, and I know she is appalled by a lot of mine.  Char doesn't understand why we are still friends.

But I am excited about learning about these pen pals I am accumulating.  I am already getting an idea of which I will care about and which will probably fade away.  Several are excellent writers and their letters are such fun.  One is a published author and has a surprising number of books on Amazon.  I am eager to find out her secret.  One woman I chose because from her photo I assumed she was near my age (and those are rare, I'm discovering).  Imagine my surprise when I heard from her and she is Jeri's age.  I don't think I will tell her that!!

Last night was a horrible night.  I went to the couch at 10:30 and woke up at 1:30.  Normally I am able to get back to sleep eventually, but didn't.  I was in the middle of writing this when I finally figured out I was sleepy, so took an hour nap.  I suspect there will be another nap this afternoon!

But that's OK.  Ned and Marta are heading off to Lake Tahoe for the holiday weekend.  Ned has reminded me that they will be gone four nights so I will have to cook dinner myself four nights in a row.  I reminded him that I have been cooking every night for sixty years.

It was kind of cool.  He said he didn't know how I managed to cook dinner for seven in our family and often additional foreign students every night.  I dunno.  I never thought about it.  It was just what I did.

Don't know when this was taken, but it's with my Brasilian daughter Sonia (in the back, in black -- I was the matron of honor at her wedding several years later) and my Brasilian brother Nelson and then three girls from the group that Nelson had brought to Davis.  I don't know where the family was for this dinner.

I told Ned it was probably a lot of chili, a lot of spaghetti and lots of casseroles;  When Brasilians were here, I also frequently made feijoada, the national bean dish of Brasil.  Haven't made that in a long time.


No official graduation, sadly

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