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20 May 2020

From the Isolation Journal:

So often we get used to seeing the same objects in our homes and we forget how they came to be there. We take them for granted. Our worlds are a bit smaller at the moment and so it can be helpful to examine them anew.

Your prompt for today:
Imagine youíre not home (already a leap) and a friend you donít know well is staying in your house. This friend looks around at all your framed photos and trinkets and coffee table books but they stop at one object and canít figure out why itís on display. Maybe itís a strange drawing or a plastic piece of fruit or a coaster with Elvisís face on it. Write a little narrative essay explaining the backstory of this item and why it has meaning for you.

This isn't as pretty as it used to be--somehow it has become sort of scratched and I can't figure out why, but this belonged to my godmother, who died of cancer when I was 10 or so.  My mother was her executor and was in charge of cleaning out her apartment.  She told me that I could take anything in the apartment that I wanted.

What I wanted was her clock, which chimed on the quarter hour and I loved it, but I felt that would be something too big for me to ask for, but I also loved this little ... I don't know what you call it.  It always fascinated me because of how the rose looked when you turned the cube in different directions.  I still love it and think of her whenever I see it.

Ned found artichokes at two for $5 yesterday.  They were huge -- usually something like this would be $5 for one.  It was really enough for a meal in itself, but we had some teriyaki chicken with it.

I've always said that artichokes are God's way of letting you know it's OK to eat mayonnaise (though Walt takes his with melted butter and Ned & Marta dip their leaves in a mixture of sour cream and mustard)

Every time I eat artichokes I am reminded of this bit from the Little Rascals:

"It may choke Arti but it ain't gonna choke Stymie"


This is the first time I've seen her noticing the dogs, and she always loved dogs.
They say she spent an hour grooming Simba, which makes me happy.
It's also the first picture they have sent where her arms are not crossed across her chest.


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