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13 May 2020

This pen pal thing may work out very well.

I received four pen pal letters two days ago.  Two were very short, on little pieces of paper, but interesting.  The other two were very long, typed, and fun to read, though one of them thinks COVID-19 os a hoax and it's not as dangerous as the flu, so I'm not sure we'll end up being matched.

Then I had sent an e-mail to someone looking for a pen pal and received back an email which, when I transferred it to WordPerfect to read it that way, was eight pages long.  Now there is a letter!

Not only that but it was well written (except for "you're friend" grrr...), interesting and we seem to have a lot of things in common.  To begin with we are both recovering catholic anti-Trumpers.  She also included a lot of questions for me to answer and it was just a fun reply to write ... and my reply was 8 pages typed.  I  felt like I should have included a bookmark!

Not sure how many of these people are going to end up being "forever" pen pals, but it's a nice start.

I'm getting the hang of Globalpenfriends.com.  There are frustrating things about it, but it is set up so that you only hear from exactly who you want -- which gender, which age, which kind of email.  I've found people who sounded perfect for me, but their upper limit of age to write to is 70, so I can't respond to them.

Then there is the thing I still don't understand, but 20% of people, randomly selected, are off limits to me.  I don't understand why, but I've been disappointed that I have not been able to contact a few people because of that.

But overall, I think it's a good safe way to find people with whom you want to connect.

On t he other end of contact with people, I had to do a very difficult thing this week.  Since my monthly income is a combination of my Social Security check and the money I make writing reviews, with no theater around, my income has been cut by about $100-200/month. 

I have been sponsoring 18 different Compassion kids and I decided I needed to give up on three of them, which would reduce my monthly sponsorship by $100.

It  was very hard to decide which ones to give up.  It seems simple to just pick the last three sponsored, but some of  those have become very good writers, compared to some of the ones sponsored for many years who write very little. 

I went over and over the list, reading letters I'd written to them and trying to make a decision.  Sadly, one of the ones I gave up was a girl from Brasil.  She was one of the most recent and actually writes fairly good letters, but she had to go.

It killed me to write that letter to Compassion dropping those three kids but when I looked at the total I owe for next month, I felt much better.  It may be that I will have to make that same decision again in a month or so, but for now I'll see how it goes.

It was so quiet around here yesterday.  Ned and Walt went up to Lake Tahoe to check our cabin there.  The cabin belonged to Walt's mother and when she died, ownership was divided up among the 3 siblings.  Nobody had been up there to check on it and Ned decided it would be a good trip for them.  They started with a full tank of gas, so they didn't need to stop for anything and they just went to the cabin and cooked dinner there and then came home this morning.

Marta works from home and I almost never see her and on Tuesday nights she has an on-line meeting, so she went out and bought pizza for the two of us for dinner and then took hers up stairs.  I saw her briefly this morning.

But mostly it was just me and Polly (and Dexter), since Bouncer had gone to Tahoe too.  It's quiet here all the time and for some reason it just seemed so much more quiet.  I got a feel for what it's like for people who live along and who are staying home.

I slept well again and then napped after I woke up, so I am getting to this journal entry considerably later than usual.

The nice thing about pizza for dinner is cold pizza for breakfast.





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