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11 May 2020

What a busy, fun Mothers Day it was, especially considering that we are still on lock-down.

I had a bad night of insomnia, but I was able to watch The Seventh Veil uninterrupted, since everyone was sleeping.  I fed Polly at 5 and was awake when Ned came down to start the sous vide tri-tip for dinner.

There was a text from Sandy with a photo of my mother, telling me that she "remembers you sometimes," (which wasn't exactly comforting!  But nice that she is doing well.

I was also awake around 6 when Ned came in with a big box of donuts for breakfast and was able to pour myself some coffee and have a donut before I finally fell asleep.  Walt shook me awake at 10 minutes to 10 to let me know that my Zoom conference was starting in 10 minutes.  More about that in tomorrow's entry.

Ned came in with a big bouquet of flowers that had just been delivered from Tom.

The Zoom was fun, though I didn't have much to offer but loved getting caught up with the others. When it was over I checked stuff on the internet, had another donut for lunch and went outside to watch Marta give Walt a much needed haircut.

Then it was time for the Zoom conference Jeri and Phil had arranged with her mother, his mother and his sister.  I'm getting better at this Zoom stuff!  I've discovered that I am shy in Zoom chats, but if you want to talk TV, I come alive.  Phil's Mom and I talked about Jim Parsons and Big Bang Theory.  We all chatted about an hour and then ended the conversation. 

Just in time.  It was time for Outlander and I watched the 2nd to last and then last episode of the season.  Season 5 is perhaps my very favorite season after Season 1.  Wonderful job and since it will probably be a year or more (depending on how the Covid-19 virus affects things) before Season 6 is ready to be shown, it was good that it ended peacefully, without a cliff hanger.

When the show was over, it was time for dinner.  Ned had cooked a tri tip roast sous vide and Marta made a broccoli slaw and cheesy polenta, all of which was delicious. 

The kids tried to get Sees California brittle (my favorite) for me, but could not find any so bought some toffee, which was nearly as good.

As we were finishing, there was a facetime call from Tom and Brianna.  We had a really nice long chat and I found out about what school work she is doing from home, and her softball team (they were 3rd in California in her age group but the championships were cancelled because of the virus).  Lacie wasn't there and Tom said she was in the bath.  She came out for a bit, but was not in the least interested in talking to me until Tom prompted her to tell me about the book she is reading (the second to last Harry Potter...she's read all the rest). 

Ned and Marta went upstairs, Walt cleaned up the kitchen and headed off upstairs and it was just in time for me to re-watch the Outlander finale.  Now if I can just actually sleep tonight, it will have been a perfect day.



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