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8 May 2020

Well, after my discouraging experience with Globalpenfriends I wrote about it on a pen pal site in Facebook and had a very nice exchange of messages with a woman there who has belonged to Globalpenfriends for awhile and thinks it's a great service.

She gave me some information about how it works and made sense of some of  the things I thought were ridiculous, so I gave it a second chance.  I have now exchanged messages with several different women and have written several introductory letters. 

(and actually she looked me up on Global and now we are going to write to each other.)

I set my desired age range as 50-99 but somehow I managed to find a 23 year old from North Carolina.  I didn't even realize she was so young until I had written her a letter and went back to check her profile.

I work as a vet tech, and have many animals of my own. I have two dogs, three cats, and a hedgehog. I also love to read, watch movies, and go hiking. I am always looking to learn something new, and love meeting all kinds of people from all different backgrounds! I would love someone who I could just have an ongoing conversation with about life or dogs or whatever. Iím a big fan of funny cards, and like sharing them with other people. Someone who also enjoys jokes would be ideal!

Two dogs and a hedgehog...sounds like two dogs and a squirrel.  I will be interested to read more about her hedgehog.  It is not impossible that she could have been my granddaughter, so it will be interesting to write to her.

I'm not sure how I can write to her because I tried sending a message to someone who set her desired age range as 50-70 and I got a message that I didn't match her preference and so I could not write to her.

(It's interesting that I set my age range as 50+, given that my kids are in their 50s!)

Some things about Globalpenfriends are still frustrating and I don't understand them.  For one thing 20% of participants -- and it seems to be totally random  -- are blocked ffrom people who aren't paid members.  One of the first women I was interested in, and who seemed to find me interesting is among the "blocked" accounts and there is no way I can send her a message.  That's not as frustrating to me today as it was two days ago, since I have all these other people I have managed to interact with.

It's kind of nice to find all these other women of all ages who like writing letters.  I have been writing letters since I was in grade school and always have someone to write to, though lately it has been e-mail.  Still there is something special about getting a real letter in the mail and I see that I have my first return letter being delivered today, so I guess I'm on my way.

When you get to their home page there is a box of people wh have recently joined, so you can check right away to see if there is anybody that looks interesting to you.

Hmmm...looking at this if this is designed for your own preferences, since it seems strange that there is nobody under the age of 50 on this list.

From here you can check the profiles of people whose names sound interesting (they ask you not to use your real name to log in).  What I have found interesting is that it seems that most of the names I check out turn out to be from the UK.

You have your choice of preference, whether snail mail or email (or either).  I have one woman I was intrigued by who prefers email, which I don't, but I decided I want to get to know her better:

I am a published author, work in womenís health, happily married, mother of an adult son, and soon to be an empty nester.I am at my most happy when I am writing, creating, cooking, hanging out with friends, family, and my two best fur friends Eleanor and Jane. If you would like to correspond with somebody who laughs a lot, has an open worldview, who likes to discuss a wide range of topics Iím all in!

Sounds like my kind of person...and I'm betting Eleanor and Jane are cats, not dogs.  They don't sound like dog names.

So anyway, I'm set up with several new penpals, whether they last or not, but it gives me something to write now that I have no theater reviews to write!


I thought this photo was so funny.  Not any of our squirrels.
This is how I imagine Dexter looking if I don't give her peanuts!


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