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6 May 2020

Even I am getting tired of 24/7 television and have actually taken to turning it off now and then.  I'm reading...which is good.  And I've been doing editing.  For example, during Ned's radio show today, I managed to organize all of the chicken recipes I have stored on WordPerfect.  Now I can tell which recipes are for light meat, which for dark and which for either meat. (assuming we will still be able to buy chicken in the future, that is)  That's something I've wanted to do for a long time -- and now it's done.  Good me.

Yesterday I answered several pen pal letters and one of them mentioned YouTube videos about pen pals.  In truth, I couldn't figure out what instruction you need to be a pen pal.  Take paper.  Take pen (or typewriter).  Add words, send. 

But in these days of high craft it's more complicated.   These instructions include designing stationery and using calligraphy and all sorts of things that I don't do.  I checked out parts of two YouTube videos and was uninspired.

BUT, one of them mentioned the Global Penfriends site.  This is a place where thousands of people, men and women of all ages (I saw a child of 6 and a woman in her 80s), register, put in some information about their lives and likes and activities, and see if they get matched with someone with similar likes.  Kind of like on-line dating, I guess, but this is for mail, not for love connections.

I spent quite some time filling out the registration form and trying to be all witty and interesting in my brief descriptions.  I also started to get the hang of how it all works. 

If you find someone's account and she sounds interesting, there is the option to send a message, or send a smile.  If you send a smile, the person is alerted to the fact that you'd like to make contact, gets a link to your information and can decide whether or not she wants to respond.

Then I got a message from Global Penfriends that said "We have added a free contact credit to your profile. You will continue to receive 1 free credit every 12 hours. To make use of your free credit, simply Sign in, find a penpal using our advanced search form. Then click on the Send Message link shown on their profile."

I wasn't sure what that meant exactly but OK.  I found someone that sounded interesting and clicked "send message" and got the message in return:  CONTACT DENIED.  (in red).  Then, "20% of profiles are restricted to free members."  I tried half a dozen other members and tried sending a message and got the same reply.

Finally, I got a message from Global Penfriends' "Matchfinder Service" which says, "We found a penpal that fits your search criteria.  You can view user's profile by clicking the link below:"

I checked the link and guess who it was? .... MEApparently out of the thousands of names on their computer, the only person compatible with me was...me.  How depressing is that!

But then I got two messages that two people to whom I had sent a "smile" were interested and all I had to do was to go to the link they included and click "send message."  So I did and got the same message back -- contact denied.

So now not only is there someone who MIGHT be interested in writing to me, but now she thinks that I don't care because I haven't answered her back!

The thing is that there are several special extra things that you get if you join GlobalPenpal -- but that's $50 a year!!!!  I'm not going to pay that for a penpal and I don't understand how they have set this up for free checking penpals if you then can't contact someone interesting until you pay $50.  I have written to the company a couple of times but suspect I'm writing to computers and will be very surprised if I hear back from anybody.

(I am thinking of the old song "I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter....")

I got a response back from GlolbalPenpal and the answer essentially is -- Gee.  Sorry. Too bad.  (They didn't say "send us $50 and we'll fix it," but they might as well have done that)

Something else weird happened to me today that I don't understand.  I'm wondering if your hearing changes as you get older.  I don't mean losing your hearing, I mean changes.  Here's what happened.  I was watching something that had Judy Garland's recording of "Get Happy" as the background.  It's a recording I know very well.  I know the orchestration, I know her vocal glitches and they were all there...except it didn't sound like Judy Garland.  I shrugged it off as an excellent Garland interpreter.

But then I listened to Ned's show.  He played Frank Sinatra's "Fly Me to the Moon," again a song with which I am extremely familiar, again the orchestration and the whole thing...but it didn't sound like Frank.  It sounded like someone else.  And then Ned closed the show with a recording of Steve Schalchlin, recorded with Ned at a private studio.  Again, a recording I know well and all the right elements were there, but the voice didn't sound like Steve.

Maybe something was off in my head today.  But I'm going to start paying attention to familiar songs to see if it's something in the way I am hearing them now.  Has anyone ever heard of this happening?  Is this the start of aural dementia???

Addendum ... the songs were driving me nuts so before I posted this, I went to the streaming recording of Ned's show and both Frank and Steve Schalchlin were back.  Whew.  But what WAS  that this afternoon????


The show for which Jeri wrote the orchestration was streamed on YouTube.


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