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5 May 2020

Social isolation has not been a big deal for me.  I really don't have any "buddies" here in town that I spend time with.  There are a couple of people that I lunch with occasionally, and lots of people I may exchange email with, but my calendar is really pretty empty most of the time.

Because of that, my social life has, for the most part, been the internet for many years.  There is a discussion group on Swap Bot for women over 50 that I've been part of for a long time.  There are a couple of new Facebook groups for women over a certain age (60 and 70), and there is the regular Facebook timeline that I have been posting to and exchanging messages with regulars for years.

The internet went out at about 8:30 yesterday morning.  It happened about half an hour after I'd posted Funny the World, so I wasn't terribly upset.  The internet went out about a week ago and was back within the hour, so I didn't think much about it.

Now the first problem with your internet going out is you can't find out if it is just YOUR internet or if everybody's internet connection is out because...well...you can't text anybody.

Marta eventually found out that Xfinity was out and that it should be back by 4.  (In actuality, it wasn't back until about 9).

I decided it would give me an opportunity to watch some Netflix shows -- I've just started binging The Good Place and there are several movies on my list of "to watch" shows.  Only you can't connect to Netflix without the internet.  You also can't connect with Amazon Prime without the internet, so there went those movies.

I needed an address for a card I was sending, and the address is on the internet, but I couldn't find it.

I couldn't text anybody to let them know that my internet was out.

My cell phone shows me snippets of news stories that show up, but you can't follow up on them because you have to click into the internet. 

Recently I started writing to a few pen pals.  I've been pen palling for most of my life, off and on and my biggest problem is that I tend to answer letters as soon as I receive them, which is overwhelming for most people, who may have just written and are frustrated to have another letter to answer soon.  So I try to put the letters aside toe answer letter and, fortunately, I had several letters needing answers, and that took most of the morning.

I checked out what I had on the DVR and decided to watch Rent, which I had recorded the night before.

Rent is the only big show I have seen on Broadway.  We've been to New York a few times and usually see a show, but it's the off Broadway shows.  I can't remember when it was that we saw Rent, but when he learned we were coming to New York, my friend Ron was thrilled to buy us tickets to see the show, which he loved.  It was early in my life as part of the The Last Session group, where it seemed most of the people loved Rent as much as they loved The Last Session.  And I was excited to actually see a BIG Broadway show.

I hated it.  It's not my kind of music, I couldn't follow the plot and I had trouble staying awake.  I raved about it, of course, because Ron was so happy to share the show with us, but I did not like it.  (I can confess that now that Ron died a couple of years ago).

As a critic, I have reviewed Rent three times and it's a difficult review to write because I still don't like the show, still have difficulty following it, don't like the music.  But I decided to record the movie and watch it, carefully.

I loved it.  I don't know what it was about the movie vs. the stage show, but got involved in the various characters and remembered who was who.  I was so glad I had seen the movie and suspect I will have a completely different feel for it the next time I have to review it.

I wrote another pen pal letter in the afternoon and then read a bit.  Ned made dinner and after dinner I watched The Unsinkable Molly Brown," a movie I saw a long time ago and really had forgotten most of.  The movie was nominated for a bunch of Academy awards, including one for Debbie Reynolds.  All I really remembered was that Molly Brown survived the Titanic, but that part of the movie is probably only 5-10 minutes long.

I was surprised that I didn't really like it.  I watched it all, but it wasn't as much fun as I remembered it being.

During the movie Ned came down to tell me that the internet was back, but I'd been without it all day long and I didn't log back onto the internet until this morning when I started this journal entry.


Morning hair is only going to get worse.


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