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1 May 2020

I went looking for wallpaper for May and I had to laugh when I found these bananas.  We eat a lot of bananas.  In fact, any time anybody goes to the store, bananas are always on the list.

But I am very particular about bananas.  These are about perfect

They have to be firm and green -- but not too green.  Normally I don't buy any bunch of bananas with brown spots, but if there are a few brown spots, that's usually OK.  I'll eat those bananas first.  But we never get a LOT of bananas (which is why they are always on the shopping list) because as they start to ripen, I don't like them and that's when I make banana bread!

I found out that the more ripe the bananas are, the less nutritious they are.  As they ripen, they get sweeter, which means more sugar (which is why recipes for banana bread call for "very ripe" bananas).  So greenish bananas are the healthiest.

I also learned that we peel bananas wrong.  We start at the stem and try to peel it from the banana.  Gorillas, who are smarter, start at the other end and it peels quite easily that way.

Ever since I learned that I have been peeling my bananas the gorilla way and discovered how much easier it is.

The one thing about bananas as a favorite fruit is that you can always find them in the store.  I don't know how many countries we import bananas from, but Walt has been paying attention to the stickers on the bananas he buys and discovers that it seems to be a different country each time he buys them.

When my friend Gerry and I were living together in an apartment in Berkeley, we ate a lot of bananas and a whole bunch of different recipes, so many that I assembled a banana cookbook for her, which really was pretty good, if I do say so myself!

I keep telling Ned and Marta I'm going to make banana meatloaf for them some day.  It's actually tasty, as I recall, but I suspect neither of them will try it.

Governor Newsom has extended the sheltering in place order through the end of May, at least.


Dexter has started trying to climb up the door!

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