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23 March 2020

With all this staying at home, I've given up watching all day news (entirely too depressing) and am kind of  tired of NCIS and Criminal Minds reruns, so I've been looking for new things to watch.  Marta is going to be working at home starting Monday and Ned and I are going to watch a movie a day together, which should be fun.  I watched a comedy-esque (not exactly a comedy, but funny parts) called Humor Me yesterday.  Ned had downloaded it from On Demand because the description sounded like something he thought I would like.  Neither of us were prepared for how perfect it was for both Walt and me.  It's a great movie and I highly recommend it.

I started binge watching Scandal, a show I loved when it was on.  I'd forgotten how good it is.  But somehow in my mind, that is a show I watch at night and so I was looking for something else to binge in the daytime and I stumbled across Dexter.  Ned got me turned on to that show years ago and I watched all 8 or so seasons.  If you haven't seen the show, this is how  the character of Dexter is described:

Dexter Morgan is a Miami-based blood splatter expert who doesn't just solve murders; he commits them too. In fact, he's a serial killer -- but he only murders the guilty, so he feels justified with his lifestyle choices. His policewoman sister and his cop co-workers have no idea Dexter lives a double life; however, adoptive father Harry knows his secret, and does, in fact, help Dexter hone his "skills." It's a unique brand of justice for which charming Dexter feels a psychological hunger.

The thing about Dexter is that he is a cold blooded killer, but somehow he is still lovable.

I'm probably not going to continue to binge it, though.  While I like the show, and like Dexter's character, his sister, a fairly nice woman, can't say a single sentence without using the "f" word, even "I f*ing love you..." etc.  While I am not opposed to the word and often use it myself, this is definitely overkill and it bothers me enough to give up the binging.

Ned was happy that just before the Governor ordered all Californians to shelter in place from now to April 7, at least, he was able to get his camera back from the repair place.  He's been missing it.

To check to make sure it really was repaired, he has been taking pictures and went out to take pictures of the dove in her nest on top of some doors resting against the garage.  He had checked the eggs in the nest the day before, but when he went out to take a picture, the nest was empty.  Both eggs and mom were gone.

I checked the Internet, out of curiosity, and found, to my surprise, that squirrels are omnivores and mainly eat fungi, seeds, nuts and fruits, but they will also munch on eggs, small insects, caterpillars, small animals and even young snakes.

So the only conclusion is that my squirrel ate the dove eggs.  I thought about the squirrel's behavior the day the eggs disappeared.  He begged for peanuts, but only ate a couple of them.  Completely unlike him.  And he moved so slowly, I thought it must be the other squirrel. Now I know he was probably full of dove eggs.

In the weeks that I have been feeding the squirrel peanuts, Ned says he's surprised that I never named him, because I always loved naming the foster dogs we had (my favorite trio was Patti, Max and Laverne). 

In truth, I have been trying to come up with a name for the squirrel but nothing just fit.  Until Ned discovered the missing eggs.

My squirrel is a cold-blooded killer ... yet lovable.

He has now been named "Dexter."



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