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20 March 2020

Today is the 20th anniversary of Funny the World.  7302 entries! 

We tend to think of how the coronavirus affects us in this country and how frustrated we are.  I have had, as of this writing, eight messages from Compassion about what is happening in the countries where I have sponsored children:

GHANA - The government of Ghana issued a directive suspending all public gatherings of more than 25 people, closing all schools and encouraging social distancing. All frontline church partners are closed, and therefore all Compassion center activities are suspended. The centers will handle emergency health care for beneficiaries, if needed.

BRASIL - Beginning on March 18, all Compassion programming in Brazil will be suspended until March 31. The coronavirus is currently most prevalent in Fortaleza and Recife, where local governments have called for the closure of schools and suspension of group activities.

HONDURAS - All Honduran borders are closed and a national quarantine is in place through March 23. Public gatherings (sports, cultural, social and religious events, etc.) and public transportation are suspended, and most businesses are closed. Only supermarkets, banks and hospitals are open. A curfew is in place in the three regions where cases of COVID-19 have been reported. Accordingly, all Compassion programs and activities are canceled.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - The Dominican Republic is following protocols to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. As a result of these measures, all Compassion child development centers in the Dominican Republic are closed.

KENYA - In response to governmental guidelines in Kenya, public gatherings are currently banned and all institutions of learning are closed. As a result of these measures, all Compassion group activities, including weekly child programs, caregiver meetings and group trainings, are suspended. During this season, the Compassion Kenya office is providing Compassion centers with information about prevention of the coronavirus and how to respond if children are affected.

COLOMBIA - The government of Colombia declared a national state of emergency. Borders are closed to non-citizens until May 30, and all educational institutions are closed until April 20. All Compassion center activities are suspended.

PHILIPPINES - The Philippines has declared a Code Red Sublevel 2 Alert. This prohibits large gatherings and has put the city of Manila on community quarantine. Because of this, Compassion Philippines has had to suspend programming at a number of Compassion centers.

NICARAGUA:  The country is under an epidemiological alert and has put preventive measures in place. Compassion Nicaragua staff participated in a World Health Organization orientation about prevention of virus spread. Child development centers are not holding group meetings or activities. Frontline church partners are primarily focused on care of the most vulnerable beneficiaries and providing food and health care as needed.

One of the women who answers the Sunday Stealing questions sent me a set of coronavirus questions, which I will use this Sunday.  She is in Australia and says "We’re in near lockdown – it’s strange – but interesting."

Jane, from Guernsey (mother of Caroline, who stayed here two different years) writes, "We are all affected by the knock on effects of the virus but let us hope that we all come through it in good health - it could be a long period of isolation. We are not confinned to the house at present but most people are working from home and offices are closed which does not do wonders for the Broadband feed!"

A woman from my discussion group on SwapBot is from Canada and wrote this 4 days ago: "Our Prime Minister has been quarantined along with his children after his wife was diagnosed with the virus. Parliament has been shut down and representatives here are working from home. So far, the biggest concern is the spread of illness through the front line workers at care facilities. There are currently 3 workers who worked at various facilities who have come down with the illness. We have an excellent network of information from our local and federal government. News regularly has information on who to contact and where to go for information and testing. Testing has been stepped up as has screening. Thankfully one does not feel excessive panic.

This is not exactly a "China virus" !!

I downloaded the Kindle version of George Stewart's Earth Abides, written in 1949, which I read back in the 1960s.  It opens with this quote: “If a killing type of virus strain should suddenly arise by mutation . . . it could, because of the rapid transportation in which we indulge nowadays, be carried to the far corners of the earth and cause the deaths of millions of people.”

What with sheltering in place, not going out and not seeing anyone, watching lots of TV and  reading books, this is starting to feel like a sci fi novel, though a very thick book with no ending written yet.

Kind of like David Gerrold's Chtorr series...


I have never seen only one car on the Bay Bridge!

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