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19 March 2020

Governor Newsom has ?suggested/?ordered all people 65+ to shelter in place because of COVID-19.  As of this writing there are nearly 500 cases in California and 11 deaths.  My doctor cancelled my annual exam and Walt's dental exam was cancelled.  The Yolo County Public Health Officer issued a countywide health order for residents to shelter in place from March 19, 2020, to April 7, 2020, unless extended by the Public Health Officer.  They do allow for going out to get food, however.  “The order does carry the weight of law, but the goal really is to educate our community about how important it is to take these measures seriously,”

We are so fortunate that Ned and Marta live here to go run errands for us!  Marta went out the other morning and stocked up on $350 worth of groceries.

She didn't get any meat, but we can live on turkey chili for the next month.

Reports are that many of the shelves in the store are empty now.  Ned couldn't find milk or eggs yesterday.

I am fortunate that I pretty much shelter in place most of the time anyway, so I am not bored or wondering what to do.  One thing I am doing that I might not normally do during the daytime is binge watching Scandal.  I had forgotten what a good show that is.  I had also forgotten that there was a time when a show's "season" lasted twenty episodes.  I've been watching Season 2 for 3 days.

Walt is a little housebound.  He is used to running out to Trader Joe's for their daily snacks (which they have discontinued now) or to have lunch with a friend, or work in his old office.  But most of the small businesses in town are shut down, and he shouldn't be in a group anyway, but he is able to go on bike rides, so that's how he gets out of the house, though it has been raining slightly for the past couple of days.

The three senior citizen places in town (like Atria) are on lock down and no visitors are allowed.  Sandy has also stuck up a sign at Eldervilla about no visitors.  I hadn't planned on visiting my mother anyway just in case...  But now I don't know when I will see her again and of course I can't call her because you can't have a conversation with her and she wouldn't know who I am anyway.

In Santa Barbara, Tom has been working from home for a couple of years so sheltering in place is no biggie for him.  I don't know what is happening with Laurel, but the girls' school is closed and Bri's soccer team was suppposed to go to Arizona to play for the regional championship, which is now cancelled.  The family had a picnic dinner for St. Patrick's Day, as something "different" to do.

In Boston, Phil is out of work and Jeri is teaching her classes on the internet.  But she has lost the theater jobs she has had because all the little theaters are closed.  Their neighborhood had a neighborhood-wide concert, with people playing from their front porches, with a guy on a keyboard pedaling around on a tricycle.  The video of the concert went viral and has had over 70,000 views.

I had a note from my friend Patti, another of the News and Review critics, who copied a message from the Editor, who says that because so many small businesses can't afford advertising now, the paper has no money to print (costs $45,000/week and they only have $20,000  this week), so they have let go most of the staff and will only be publishing an on-line version.  I wonder how that affects critics and other stringers.  I guess I left the paper just in time.

The Today Show this morning was interesting.  The three hosts were on, but Samantha Guthrie was being filmed from home, since she has symptoms of a cold, Hoda Kotb was in the studio, and Al Roker was doing the weather on his laptop in his kitchen.  Stephen Colbert gave the monologue from his bathtub on Monday and from his back yard on Tuesday, with Jon Batiste playing piano from his house.  Kelly and Ryan played to an empty audience (except for staff) on Friday but somehow now they have a full audience again.  Not sure how they are justifying doing that.

But this is all the new stuff in the first days of week one of sheltering in place.  Some say this sheltering in place could go on for weeks.  What will happen as we get bored with doing stuff like this?  I've already found out that comedy monologues aren't nearly as funny without an audience.

Nail salons and beauty parlors in town have closed.  One of the funniest thing I read this week is:  "Feels like we are 3-4 weeks away from learning everyone's real hair color."

I feel sorry for people who lived through the Ebola crisis...they had no internet, no FaceTime, no Skype.



California schools may be closed for the rest of the school year. 
Bri is making language arts work for Lacie to do
after she finishes her reading tomorrow.

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