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17 March 2020

We lost Nancianne Pfister today.

People who read this journal regularly will remember her from the years that I took photos when she had her head shaved to raise money for children's cancer research.  In fact, St. Baldricks is usually shaving heads at this time of year, though the coronavirus has probably changed that this year.

Nancianne was the inspiration for Ned and me to have our heads shaved in 2015. After going to the event for a few years to take her picture, I decided I should have it done too.

Nancianne was a speech teacher at American River College and Woodland Community College.  In her 80s, she was still teaching.

In looking for information for this obituary, I found comments from several of her students.  I thought this one was particularly good.

I can honestly say she has been one of my favorite teachers I've had in my life. She can be serious but also she makes the environment in the class is very accepting and fun. I took it over the summer, and while it all seemed crammed the class was still enjoyable. By the end of the class, I was surprised at how confident I was talking in front of class! She also gives great constructive criticism on each speech which really helps. Would definitely recommend!

Comments are being posted to her Facebook site. 

a beautiful, wonderful woman bid her farewell to this world and passed on at 0655 PDT. Nancianne Pfister was more than a mentor to my wife, Janis, more than a friend to us both; more like a grandmother I never knew. She will be missed forever, but also remembered for an equal amount of time! With love in our hearts, we bid you, farewell.

I remember Nancianne very well. She was still actively involved with DCOC when I was in shows there. And she also sent me a little note to give me some private encouragement one time; it was unexpected and very much appreciated. Thank you for all you did Nancianne, to make the world a little bit better. Be at peace

My heart aches. I'm sorry for your loss, and the loss to our community. I have loved Nancianne's energy and welcoming spirit since I met her 20 years ago.

She was a founding member of the Davis Comic Opera Company, and active in many backstage roles throughout its 30 year history.  This is where we met her. 

Director/actor Gil Sebastian wrote:

Just read that Nancianne Pfister passed away this morning. Nancianne was a true patron of the arts and was a driving force during the 30-year run of the Davis Comic Opera Company. She always attended shows the Sebastians either performed or directed throughout Northern California, and made her presence known with sweet, original cards or gifts. She was truly one-of--kind. Rest well, kind spirit!

Stephen Peithman, an actor/director for the Davis Comic Opera Company wrote this, which made me cry.

 Words fail. NP has been a part of my life for four decades.

She's been a part of our life for four decades too, but she was never in our house because she was deathly afraid of dogs.  However, whenever she learned  that any of us was sick with anything, even a cold, she would show up at the door with soup for us.  Because of the dogs, she never rang the bell, but we would just open the door and find it sitting there.

Her house had a front yard that overlooked the community park and each  4th of July she invited a bunch of us to sit in her yard and watch the fireworks, so we didn't have to fight the crowds in the park.

She was also the hostess of the Chinese New Year tea parties I've gone to each year for the past few years.

She and Walt were both involved in a group (Citizens Who Care, now part of Yolo Hospice ) whose function was to provide support and care for Yolo County's frail elderly and their caregivers.  The two of them spent a night every couple of weeks with a friend, who is in a wheelchair, so his wife could have a night out with some crafting friends of hers.  Nancianne would rent a classic old movie and the three of them would watch the movie.

She loved theater and in the early days of my being a critic, on the rare occasions when Walt was not able to come to a show with me, for one reason or another, I invited Nancianne to come and she loved it.  But she refused to let me drive and her driving terrified me.  I even brought my car to her house and insisted I would drive, but that was her contribution to thank me for letting her come, so, sadly, I stopped asking her.

She was a wonderful person ... but she was not perfect. 

I asked about a memorial service and was told that since most of the people who would want to come to the service are probably in our age range, the service will be after the coronavirus isolations have ended.




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