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16 March 2020

I sometimes get weird ideas for this journal.  Like Robert Costa.

Every time we watch Washington Week, I am drawn to his eyebrows and wonder if he has them "done." I only recently, in the last few years, realized that people have their eyebrows "done."  I've never had it done.  There was a time when I was much younger when I plucked them, but with my eyesight now there is no way I would even try.

But when thinking about Costa's eyebrows, I started looking at pictures of people.  I don't think Frida Kahlo had her eyebrows done.

I had never heard of a "unibrow" before I saw a movie about Kahlo and Diego Rivera.  Groucho Marx probably never had his eyebrows "done" either (or maybe he did!)

I started looking at the wide range of eyebrows, especially those well manicured brows you see on television all the time.  Like Kelly Ripa

and Kerry Washington.

After watching The Wizard of Oz last night, it was interesting to compare Dorothy's eyebrows to the adult Judy Garland eyebrows.

When I worked at the physics department, the chairman had bushy eyebrows that I found distracted me from whatever he was saying all the time.  He never trimmed them .  I don't remember his name or anything else about him, but I still remember his eyebrows.

Walt occasionally gets eyebrows like this, but his barber trims them when he has a haircut, thank goodness.

My mother has no eyebrows.  She never has.

One of the first things she did each morning when she woke up, all my life, was to put on her make-up, which included drawing in eyebrows.  She told me that when she was in high school she shaved her eyebrows and they never grew back.  She told me that story many times, but as she got older she denied having done it...so who knows why she has never had eyebrows.

I don't know where I'm going with this, but just thought I'd talk about eyebrows.  I'll bet you look more closely at eyebrows for the next day or so, won't you!




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