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12 March 2020

I haven't done it deliberately but I decided I am self quarantining, prophylactically.  I have not been out of the house and have not had contact with anybody but the people who live here since Sunday.  Walt and I are in the most dangerous categories, being old.  Now that I can call it a "quarantine," I have a good excuse to not leave the house.

Of course I have 2  shows to review this weekend.  I wrote to both theaters to see if they are still opening their shows this weekend and both are (I have heard that at least one other theater in Sacramento has canceled its show).  The Winters theater figures their audience is so small it's not a problem (tho I think that's not a valid explanation).  The other theater sent a long bit about what they are doing to sterilize the theater before each performance.  This theater has a nice food spread after the opening night show, but I think I'll pass this time.

But I will scrub thoroughly when we get home from each show and I don't have another show to review for 2 weeks.

It's weird what is shutting and what is not.  Several theaters in San Francisco have cancelled their performances, so you can't see Hamilton, for example.  The opera house and symphony hall have closed for two weeks.  But the theater showing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is going to continue running the show.

Now that it's been officially classified as a pandemic, it's starting to feel a little scary.  The news tonight showed this chart of cases in Italy.

The number of cases jumped 31% in one day. On Wednesday, the civil protection service said the total number of coronavirus cases in Italy – the EU member state that has been by far the hardest hit by the virus – had risen to 12,462 from 10,149, with 560 of those in intensive care.

I'd never heard of an entire country being quarantined.  The only businesses that are opened in Italy are drug stores and supermarkets.  62 million people have been banned from travel.

I found this map interesting.

Ya gotta wonder why there is pretty much NO virus on the continent of Africa, except in the very north, and what I assume is South Africa.

Jeri says that Berklee College of Music plans to have all classes done on the internet, which is kind of awkward for music classes.  But those will be for all of the spring quarter.  All of their upcoming concerts have been canceled, so it's good that Jeri's concert already took place, though the concert her class is doing is canceled.

Stephen Colbert announced that for the foreseeable future all of the late night shows are going to be broadcast without audience.  Kelly and Ryan had no audience this morning, except people on the staff.  It was weird.

I'm sure that within two weeks I will be relaxing my self-imposed quarantine, and probably should not.  But if Italy is any any indication things in this country could be vastly different than they are right now.

The hardest thing is the recommendation not to touch your face.  Lord, I touch my face all the time.  I'm not even aware of it until I've already done it.

I am so glad that my mother is at Eldervilla.  I don't know what Atria is doing, but at least one other facility in town is regulating and cutting back on visitors.  I don't think anyone at Eldervilla is in any danger.



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