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11 March 2020

One of the nicest things about having Ned living here is waking up each morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and knowing I don't have to make it myself.

All three of us are big coffee drinkers (I bought a larger coffee brewer after Ned had been here a couple of weeks so we didn't have to make two pots a day).  We all drink Peet's French Roast.

The original Peets opened in 1966.  It was a little shop on the corner in a neighborhood in Berkeley.

I'm not sure when we discovered it, but we were living in Albany, north of Berkeley.  We started buying coffee beans there (Walt gave me a coffee grinder for our anniversary that year).  We tried several different blends until we realized that we didn't like any of them as much as we liked French Roast.

When we moved to Oakland, on the other side of Berkeley, we continued to drive to Peet's and then were very happy when they opened another place on the north side Berkeley near the Claremont Hotel, which was about as close to our Oakland house as the original site was to our Albany house.

But then we moved to Davis.  Though Peet's delivered, running out of coffee was a good excuse for a trip to Berkeley, and we drove the 80 miles for coffee every few months for several years.

Peet's was opening other sites now and whenever we came across one in San Francisco or somewhere else, we bought coffee.

Then, miracle of miracles, Peet's opened a shop in Davis, just a few blocks from our house, sharing space with Noah's bagels.

So now we not only buy coffee at Peet's in Davis, but it is also carried in the supermarkets.  There are now three Peet's in Davis.

I rarely buy coffee to drink at Peet's, or any of the fancy drinks, just the coffee (it used to be beans, but now we buy ground).  I can count on the fingers of oneo hand the times I have been in a Starbuck's.  Starbuck's was founded in Seattle in 1971 by a guy who learned how to roast coffee from Alfred Peet.

We watched with amusement how whenever Peet's opened a new store, Starbucks opened one in the same block shortly after (sometimes two shops).  Wikipedia tells me that in 2019, Starbucks had some 30,000 locations worldwide!

In truth, I'm not all that thrilled with Starbucks coffee.  I don't know how it compares, price-wise, with Peet's, but I'm a loyal Peet's customer and don't need Starbucks.




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