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9 March 2020

I've become a big fan of Crikey, it's the Irwins on Animal planet.  Though I was not a big fan, I was so moved by the death of Steve Irwin's death in 2006.  The thing I loved about him, other than his work with animals, was his overwhelming love for his kids.

Peggy sent me a video of  his memorial service and it was so touching, daughter Bindi's tribute to her father.  Now Mom and the two adult-ish kids have their own show, showing what goes on at Australia Zoo.

I have to admit to getting a little teary at times, thinking how much their father would like to see his kids carrying on his work -- and doing it so well.

I have always loved watching animals of all kinds.  I can be perfectly happy just watching animals all day long, so it's not surprising that I also love two of the "behind the scenes at the zoo" programs, one from the Bronx zoo and one from Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England (the UK's largest zoo). 

But if there are no animal programs to watch on TV, I have my own wildlife trust in my back yard.  Walt had to go out and buy a bigger bag of peanuts yesterday because we had gone through the big bag I bought last week in nothing flat. The squirrel now comes two or three times a day to beg for food.  There are at least two of them.  Early in the morning they want peanuts and then return around 4 p.m. for another feeding.  Only one at a time comes for peanuts, but I see two of them chasing each other around the yard in the afternoon, so I don't know if they take turns begging for peanuts or if it is only one of them who comes for peanuts.

He is fearless and is getting braver and braver.

He barely moves out of the way when I open  the door, where he used to run away and then run back.  If the door were open, he'd probably come in the house, but I don't want that because all I need is for Bouncer to decide to grab him.

The squirrel(s) share the peanuts with the 3 jays that live in the trees and I swear spend their entire day waiting for me to toss peanuts outside.  In truth, the jays get more than the squirrels do.  I don't put out all that much food because it's probably not good for them to have too much.  But the squirrel sometimes takes a peanut into a nearby tree to eat it, other times runs across the yard to eat it--wherever, giving the jays more time to pick up the rest of them.

It used to be a problem keeping the dogs inside but I discovered that if I give each of the dogs a peanut in a shell, they seem to forget that there are more peanuts outside.

This may not be behind the scenes at the zoo, but I just love sitting here and watching these guys cavorting around.


The squirrel is getting more demanding.  He doesn't even
run away when I open the door to toss him some peanuts.

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