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4 March 2020

Writing about the swan adventure the other day was kind of fun.  I thought of it because I found a small stack of photos freom that trip in Walt's office...don't know how they got there.

The thing about this house is that there are photographs EVERYWHERE.  I try to organize them in one box or drawer and yet somehow in the oddest places a photo or two--or a stack, like the swan pictures, shows up unexpectedly.  There might be an odd photo on the floor of my office and I don't have a clue where it came from.

I have given up trying to find where they came from so I can return them to where they should be...one problem with some of my many photo albums is that the photos I pasted in 50 years ago no longer stick to the page, so you might lose a few photos just moving a book from one place to another.  Or I am using the photo for a journal entry or something.

Just for ducks, I went to one of the boxes where I put these miscellaneous photos and pulled out a handful of them at random.  This is what I found:

  1. Cousin Nora (Walt's mother's cousin in Ireland) with her grandson, taken when Paul and Audra were visiting her on their honeymoon, so about 20+ years ago.

  2. Jeri circa Sunshine Children's Theater (SCT), with flowers in her hair

  3. Jeri costumed as a giraffe in a SCT production

  4. Thanksgiving 1996, family photo at Lake Tahoe, which I insisted be taken because we had no such photo from years past, and David had just died.

  5. My aunt Barb and her husband Bill at a family reunion when she told that "something was wrong with her brain" (she died several years later of Alzheimers)

  6. Some of the Pinata Group, with Concetta (who died several years ago) in her wheel chair

  7. A group of students from Chile with their host families as they were getting ready to leave Davis

  8. A concert in Golden Gate Park

  9. A photo from Tom's wedding, of all the men with their shirts off, but wearing their ties (this is something Ned has organized for two weddings now).

  10. A photo of my grandmother with my father, who looks to be a toddler in the photo

  11. A school photo of my sister, from grammar school

These are just random photos that were stacked together in the same box.

I thought it might be interesting to pick a photo now and then and just talk about it.  Some will be more fun than others (how can it be more fun than the Swan Adventure?).  But it will answer some questions if people ever go through these photos and wonder who they are.

So I'll start with this one:

This is Keith, on the left and Bob on the right, standing in front of Old St. Mary's Church in San Francisco.  I don't remember why we were there. I remember that Keith became Bob's confirmation sponsor, so maybe  the ceremony was here.  I don't recall.

But the thing about this photo is that I dated both of these guys.  In fact, if I ever broke anyone's heart, is might have been Keith's.  I was kind of dating him and kind of dating Walt at the same time and he called to ask me out but I had a date with Walt that day and I remember being so sad that I had to tell him.  I remember him saying sadly that he hoped to go to France with me. That was the end of our dating relationship, which was a good thing because I would have been a lousy wife for him.  He eventually married someone from France and they had a couple of kids.

I dated Bob before either Keith or Walt.  He lived up in the hills of Berkeley and had a VW bug that I remember having to lean one way or the other as we came to curves in the hill (that's about all I remember about that!)

I don't remember how we stopped seeing each other, but later he married and had two children.  The two couples came to our house when Walt and I were living in Oakland.  They wanted to know if I could babysit for their children while they went to SF.  I was waiting for the plumber at that time,to fix a leak in the bathroom.  they decided he would need to have the linen closet cleaned up, so they did that for me, as a favor...and then the plumber never even looked at the linen closet, so I had to put it all back together myself.

When they got home from their evening, they brought me a lovely wooden carving board, which I still use today and I think about them every time I do.

The thing about Bob, though, was that some time after that, he came out as gay to his wife and they divorced.  He later died of AIDS.

Some other day when I am struggling to think of what to write about, I will delve once again into this mess of photos and see if I can find something interesting.



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