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30 June 2020

Well, after having stayed in the house for most of the past 3 months, except for one day, I actually went to not one but TWO social occasions on Sunday.  The first was a birthday ....kinda party... for the psychiatrist -- remember him? When I was going through all of my cake pictures the other day, I found all sorts of cakes I made for him through the years, since his birthday is July 4.  But I haven't made a cake for him in years.

His wife said she obviously couldn't throw him a birthday party, as he celebrates his 90th birthday, but they have a friend who is a bagpiper and the psychiatrist, who is Scottish and loves all things Scotland, loves bagpipes. 

So she arranged for the bagpiper to play on their front lawn for an hour and invited all his friends to walk or drive by, at a safe distance, masked.

What fun!

I'm sure there were many people there I knew but behind the mask (and with my glasses fogging up since this was the first time I've had to wear a mask), I didn't recognize any, though Walt brought one woman I knew over to me, sitting in my walker.  On the way back to our car, I saw someone I did know, behind her mask and went to talk to her.  She told me that she didn't realize, until we all had to wear masks, how much her hearing had deteriorated and how much she had relied on lip reading, so she couldn't understand anything I said and we gave up trying to have a visit.

An hour or so after we returned home, we got a call from Gabi Clayton.  She and her husband Alec, were on the train headed back to Olympia, WA after a weekend in California visiting her family.  We had made arrangements to meet when they had a few hours between trains in Davis, so when they called, we drove down to the train station.

I thought they would have had dinner, but in fact they had not so we walked over to a pizza place where we could sit far from everyone else, take off our masks, and enjoy pizza.  (I have to comment that I've realized that if I walk with a cane I am in great pain after a very short time, but using my walker I can walk very well without the back pain sneaking up on me.)

I had some reluctance about meeting them when Gabi first suggested it, but what a delightful time we had.  Alec is a writer, an artist, and a theater critic and talking with him about reviewing shows was such fun.  We have both had lots of the same interesting experiences, good and bad (though they had never heard of my favorite show to review --- Puppetry of the Penis)

It was so nice to talk to someone who understands completely how a critic feels when someone thinks they are giving you a treat and says "I know you can't review the show, but it's such a good show I know you'll like it and I'd like to give you a free ticket" or "I know you don't review children's theater, but my child is so wonderful I'd love to have you come to see him/her."  With someone who also hates 3-show weekends.  With someone who has had the problem of sleeping through shows and having to figure out how to write a review.  We are both good reviewers, but everybody has "those" moments that you remember more than the 100 other ones that go well.

We walked them back to the train station after dinner and headed home.

On my calendar, I have a July 1 dentist appointment, which Cindy told me I could skip this time because of the virus, so I have nothing else on my calendar for the rest of the year.

So after 3-4 months of isolation, we have had Sarah here to cater for us, we've gone to the psychiatrist's party, and we've had dinner with Gabi and Alec, all in the last two days.  Now if I make it through the next two weeks without getting COVID-19 I'll be home free.


(that's my red mask next to my plate)


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