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29 June 2020

We decided last night that a catered meal was just as good as a meal in a restaurant--and you don't have to wear shoes.  We did get dressed up (sorta) for the meal the Ned's friend Sarah cooked for us to celebrate our respective anniversaries.  Sadly, the whole idea of a catered dinner came out of Ned's passion for the show "The Deadliest Catch," which is about crab fishing.  I talked about my love of crab and how Alaska King Crab was my favorite, but you could never get it because it was so expensive.

Out of that conversation same the idea that for our anniversaries, we should have a catered meal, with crab for Walt and me and chicken for Ned and Marta (who don't like seafood).

Ned's friend Sarah isn't exactly a caterer but she owned a restaurant and she loves cooking for people, so he asked her if she would cook our dinner.

For weeks I've been looking forward to the crab and then two days before Sarah learned t hat this is not crab season so  there is o crab to be had, so we just decided to have whatever Ned and Marta were having.  And it was delicious.

Ned spent the afternoon getting the living room organized so we had an actual dining room table again and Sarah's first course was a delicious cream of mushroom soup (without cream) and some potatoes.

Her original menu had included both soup and salad but both Marta and I agreed that with everything else, soup AND salad would be too much.  Since we have salad every night for dinner and since I remember those great soups we had on all of our cruises, we went with the soup option.  It was a good choice!

I was taking pictures of everything to text to Walt's sister, who always wants to know what we are doing.

The soup course was followed by some vegetables, some of which were from her garden.

Next came mushroom pasta.  She said that she couldn't find exactly the pasta she wanted, so she made her own and it was great.

We only ate about half the pasta, so we have lots for dinner tonight, but we saved room for the fruit galette for dessert.

We were stuffed when it was all over, but what a delicious dinner it had been, even without the crab!




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