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25 June 2020

I always loved making fancy cakes when the kids were little.  Simple cakes cut into shapes like teddy bears or something else.  When the kids did their very first performance on stage at the Davis Live Gong Show, I decorated a cake for them.

So when they offered a cake decorating class at the night school I decided to take it.  It pretty much changed my life for the next several years. 

I was particularly happy to learn how to make frosting flowers


I started making cakes for any event that I was supposed to bring something to and people started asking me to make cakes for their kids' birthdays.  I did a lot of Star Trek, Star Wars and other cartoon cakes and, of course, Superman.

There was no bakery in Davis at that time, except for Safeway and people didn't really like their cakes, so I became the cake decorator for Davis.  I have three big scrapbooks of pictures of cakes I made.  I especially liked the odd ones.

When my friend opened a bakery, the Farmer's Wife, she asked if I would be her cake decorator.  I knew I was not a "real" cake decorator and I agreed to work for her until she could find a real one. I made my first wedding cake there.

I made lots of wedding cakes and was always terrified to deliver them, for fear I would do something terrible.  I made Ned & Marta's cake, Paul & Audra's cake, and Jeri and Phil's cake.

One of the more elaborate cakes I made was for the Lamplighters.  It was for the cast party for a production of Patience and I wanted to celebrate Orva Hoskinson, whose performance as as Bunthorne was iconic.  I didn't know at the time that Orva never went to cast parties, but I made this wonderful cake to drop off at the party, which he never saw and probably never heard about.

There were some disasters along the way, like this typewriter cake...

I left it on the kitchen table when I finished sometime in the middle of the night (most of my cake decorating was done in the middle of the night).  When I got up in the morning, the dog had eaten the entire front of the cake.

And then there was this cake that I made for my mother's wedding:

I dropped it off at my aunt's house the day before the wedding and when I went back the next day, she was vacuuming it because it had been attacked by ants!

I was happy when The Farmer's Wife found a real cake decorator and I stopped making cakes in my house (I realized years later that I broke all sorts of health regulations!) when the cost of the ingredients was more than I was willing to charge for a cake. Also my hands were getting too weak and it was difficult to do all the stuff I had done before. But it was a nice few years and I have a lot of lovely memories to look back on through my scrapbooks.

It's wonderful that Tom married a cake decorator, whose cakes for her kids are far better than mine ever were.  But she did let me make the cake for Bri's first birthday.



This was my favorite cake.  I only made it 3 times.
It takes about 8 hours to make


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