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16 June 2020

When Tom and Laurel bought their present house, it had a huge back yard, all concrete.  It turned out to be a  great place for the girls to learn to ride bikes, to have puppet shows, and to do all sorts of things.

But the girls are older now and they are thinking ahead to the day when they might move to a bigger house and so it was time to tear up the concrete and put in grass.

Apparently all that grass is a big hit.

With a real yard with grass and dirt  ... and with quarantine ... the girls are getting into gardening and are apparently planting flowers.  See Photo of the Day.  Lacie's favorite flower, the hibiscus, ordered in her favorite color, finally bloomed.

They are taking after their great-grandmother.  My mother was a wonderful gardener and the kind of person who could take a dry stick and make it bloom.  When we lived in San Francisco, we had a concrete yard with a small concrete box in which we tried growing vegetables (I remember teeny carrots).  When they moved to a real house with a garden, she was in her element.  She had a great orchid garden as well as other flowers.  Her house was filled with house plants that bloomed.  If someone had a violet that wouldn't grow for them, she would have it blossoming in weeks.

It's a skill that passed me by.  I have always said that I have a "black thumb" and everything I try to grow dies.  It doesn't help to live in Davis, where the water is not good for house plants and when we moved here we were told to bring water in from Sacramento (the water is different now, I believe).  Someone gave me a plant and told me to take care of it and that it was a "baby." 

I could relate to baby and I looked on it not as a plant, but as a baby I was taking care of -- and it actually bloomed.  Encouraged, I started adding more house plants.  I never do things by halves.  When I get interested in something I go overboard (e.g., the 40 new pen pals I've acquired in the past month!) and we soon had a house full of plants.  Hanging plants, table plants, flowering plants, etc.  It took a long time to water them, spray them, talk to them, and there came a day when I was just tired of it.  I remember standing in the living room, looking at all those plants and saying "I just don't care any more; you can all die."  And so they did.

Now we have some greenery around the house, but it came with Ned and Marta and mostly it's artificial ... but nice artificial and things look good.  Ned did buy a basil plant which is doing very well, and he has staked the grape plants that I don't even know how we got.  He may have inherited his grandmother's green thumb.  He's talking about maybe planting tomatoes some day.  Last time I planted tomatoes, I was freaked out by the tomato horn worms that attacked them.  Baby chtorrs.

I will never be a gardener and I'm sad that my mother doesn't even remember being a gardener and is more interested in the leaves on the trees than on flowers, so doesn't even appreciate cut flowers in a vase any more.



If my mother had her brain right, she would love this picture
but she would just look at it and say "cute kid."  Sigh.


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