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11 June 2020

For several years, I did "Thursday Thirteen," a list of 13 various things.  I did 100 of them on subjects like:

*Things I frequently cook for dinner
*Things that scare me (some more than others!)
*Authors I've read almost the complete works of
*Things I should be doing but am not
*TV Duos
*Publications delivered to this house
*Wonders of the Modern World that I've seen

There is a web site for people who continue to do Thursday 13.  Country Dew, who frequently comments here, has done 660 of them, as of today.

The writer whose blog is "I like Color" calls her entries "I like Thursdays," and her Thursday 13s are all things she likes.  I liked that idea, so here are 13  things that I like:

1. Dogs

2. Elephants

3. San Francisco

4. Teddy bears

5. Daffodils

6. Half Dome

7. Squirrels!

8. Chocolate cream roll (my mother used to make it when I was a kid.  I haven't had it in decades)

9. Fuzzy socks

10.  Poppies.

11. crab

12.  The ocean

13.  Sneezing

14. Fresian horses




...and, of course, books!

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