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(Happy birthday, Peach)

8 June 2020

It was Silent Sunday so I couldn't post this to Facebook, but I had to share.

Yes, Randy Rainbow has done it again.  What a treasure he is!

I posted pictures of our "trip out" yesterday.  As I said, I got to see people in 3D after spending 3 months in the house.  It was our friend's 85th birthday and we received an invitation to drive by the house and honk to wish her well.  I didn't expect to get out of the car, so didn't bring a mask and left my cane at home.  I almost didn't even put on shoes.  I've forgotten what "going out" means, apparently.

There was a gathering on their front lawn.

And they posted "Happy Birthday" in big letters  by the corner where people in cars could see it.

Except for us, and the lady in the light dress, everybody was related and lived together some of the time, so nobody had masks.  Everybody complimented me on the hair cut that Marta had given me.

Fortunately my walker was in the car because I was able to sit in it on the sidewalk, far away from everyone else, but still "visit."  It was so nice to see real people in 3D, though I do admit that the longer we stayed the more uncomfortable I became, thinking I really should be back at home.

I'm not ready to be comfortable being out in public, even though California is "opening up." While the number of new cases of COVID-19 continues to rise in the state, I just really don't want to chance being out in public with lots of strangers. They have not yet decided whether to have Tom's birthday BBQ over the 4th of July weekend, but the BBQ brings about 50-60 people each year and I'm already thinking that if they decide to go through with it, I may skip it this year. 

I'm wondering what the national numbers are going to show in 2 weeks when people who have demonstrated this week start checking to see if they have the virus.



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