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7 June 2020

Welcome to Sunday Stealing. This feature originated and published on WTIT: The Blog. Here we will steal all types of questions from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent questions. (Past hosts include: Our first - Judd Corizan, Mr. L, Kwizgiver and Bud) Cheers to all of us thieves!


Adapted from Facebook



* Would you rather work in a group or work alone?

* Would you rather be stuck on an island alone or with someone who talks incessantly?
While I would miss someone to talk to, being with someone who talks incessantly would drive me nuts.

* Would you rather be too hot or too cold?
Too cold.  You can always add more layers to warm up, but there is a limit to how much you can take off to cool down!

* When you're old, would you rather die before or after your spouse?
How nice.  "When" I'm old.  lol.  But the answer is "before."

* Would you rather have a cook or a maid?
Definitely a cook.  It's lovely now that Ned lives here and we share cooking.  I don't have to cook every night any more.  I love it.

* Would you rather be the youngest or the oldest sibling?
I was the oldest until my sister died and I was happy with that (the being oldest part, not the dying part)

* Would you rather get rich through hard work or through winning the lottery?
I'm lazy.  Definitely the lottery.

* Would you rather have a 10-hour dinner with a headstrong politician from an opposing party, or attend a 10-hour concert for a music group you detest?
I'll take the politician.  Probably lots of material for upcoming Funny the Woirlds.

* Would you rather be an Olympic gold medalist or a Nobel Peace Prize winner?
The Nobel Peace Prize.  I could at least feel I was doing something for the world.

* Would you rather have a desk job or an outdoor job?
Desk job.  That's pretty much what I have now.

* Would you rather live at the top of a tall NYC apartment building or at the top of a mountain?
How tall?  An apartment appeals to me more than a mountain, but I don't know about living at the top of the World Trade Center, for example.

* Would you rather have Rambo or The Terminator on your side?
Probably Terminator.

* Would you rather be proposed to in private or in front of family and friends?
I was proposed to at a big party, but off in a corner in private, and that was nice.

* Would you rather have to sew all your clothes or grow your own food?
So the question is:   Would you like to live in rags or starve to death?  I can barely sew buttons and have a brown thumb, but I'd take my chance on the food.

* Would you rather hear the good news or the bad news first?
I guess the bad.  I'd rather end on something positive

* Would you rather be your own boss or work for someone else?
I'd rather be my own boss.

* Would you rather have nosy neighbors or noisy neighbors?
I'd rather have friendly neighbors.  But given the two, I'd take the noisy ones.

* Would you rather be on a survival reality show or dating game show?
These are terrible questions.  Where did I find them??? If I were on Survivor, I'd be voted off the first week and then could spend the rest of the weeks in a hotel somewhere.  That might be nice.

* Would you rather be too busy or be bored?
I am never bored.  There are always books, TV, writing, etc.  But if I have to figure out for myself what to do and if that is considered "boredom," I'll choose that.

* Would you rather watch the big game at home or live at the stadium.
A toss up.  It is fun being in the stadium with friends cheering on our team, but home has a recliner and refreshments and a bathroom close by.

* Would you rather spend the day with your favorite athlete or you favorite movie star?
Movie star.  I don't know enough about sports.

* Would you rather live where it is constantly winter or where it is constantly summer?
Hard question.  Constantly winter, if it's like our winters (no snow).  definitely not someplace where summer is over triple digits most of the time.

* Would you rather travel the US and see the sights in a motor home or by plane?
I've never tried a motor home.  If we're traveling around the country seeing sights, that might be fun.  Besides, plane travel is no fun any more.

* Would you rather be a little late or way too early?
I have BEEN way too early, too many times, and am always sorry I was; "a little late" doesn't sound so bad.

* Would you rather have an unlimited gift certificate to a restaurant or a clothing store?
Definitely a restaurant.

* Would you rather date someone you met online or go on a blind date?
I'm too old to answer this question!



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