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5 June 2020

"I forgot to tell the doctor that I'm having memory problems," Walt told me this morning.

We laughed about that.

We're both having memory problems.  Google is my best friend.  Simple words I can't remember, I try to find a synonym and put it into Google to find the word I was looking for.  I can't begin to think of the number of times I have to do that. . What's depressing is the times I finally find something I've been trying to remember...and then before I can write it down, I've forgotten it again and have to look it up once more.

I'm thinking of the family reunion when my aunt Barb told me that she had "brain problems."  Within a year or two she was in an Alzheimers facility.

My mother had memory problems before she moved here, but she was 90 before we felt she needed to move out of her house and into a facility, so maybe I have a few years before this gets to be a more serious problem.

My hearing is also getting worse.  I got hearing aids a couple of years ago but don't wear them most of the time because I use earphones on my computer several times a day and I have to take them out to put the earphones in...and really, I'm just at home and it doesn't seem as important, though everyone often has to repeat things for me, especially Walt who either really does speak more softly when he talks to me or I'm just not hearing him as well as I used to.

I'm sorry I got the hearing aids I did.  They seem to work ok but I bought them based on word of mouth and on-line ads and though they get good publicity (they are Eargo) I wish I had gone through a real office and learned more about what is possible with hearing aids.  This is a one-size fits all and I've heard about hearing aids that do special things...I don't know what special things, but I'm sorry I didn't find out the options.

The interesting thing about my difficulty hearing is that it's not only the volume, but the clarity.  My office TV is very clear and crisp.  The TV in the family room is often fuzzy and when I put in the hearing aids the volume may not increase but the clarity does.  Closed captioning has become my best friend.

Ned got me earphones for the TV so that I can hear and don't have to blast everyone in the room with the volume.  The earphones also keep the sound of the TV down so that it doesn't bother Ned and Marta when they are trying to sleep.  They are great in the middle of the night because I think they help me go to sleep when I am having insomnia because I don't have to look at the TV to see what is happening.

I don't think of myself as old, but then I look at the "elderly man" in Buffalo whom the police pushed, who hit his head on the concrete and started bleeding (the police walked past him).  Anyway, he's "elderly," the newspapers say ... and he is two years younger than I am.

I'm just 35 with bad ears, a bad memory, and rotten knees.

[Ironically, the entry I wrote last year on this date was "The Memory Game" and was about my problems with memory.  I just forgot.  LOL.]

A shoemaker from Romania, upset that people did not respect social distancing measures decided to create a pair of shoes to help people comply with the provision.

The World Health Organization has asked that human beings keep at least  a meter distance between us in order to avoid further contagion from coronavirus.

Maine has perhaps become my favorite state.  Trump is going to visit, but nobody wants him there.  Ahead of his visit to the state, the editorial board of one of Maine's largest newspapers has called on President Trump to resign.

The Portland Press Herald cited Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic and accused him of fanning the flames of the civil unrest sweeping the nation in the wake of the killings of George Floyd and other Black people at the hands of police.

"You have never been a good president, but today your shortcomings are unleashing historic levels of suffering on the American people," the editorial said.  "We're sorry that you decided to come to Maine, but since you are here, could you do us a favor? Resign," the paper's editorial board wrote.




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