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29 July 2020

The man in the White House has said some really dumb things over the years.  Today's quote may be right up there with the "best" of them.

He was being interviewed about the Russian bounties on American soldiers, something he has not addressed in the weeks since the news story about Russians offering bounties for people to kill American soldiers first broke in the New York Times.  But he has spoken with Putin nine times since that story was made public and the reporter asked him if he talked with Putin about it.

Naturally he said no because "some people" felt it was fake news and so had not put it into his daily briefing.  He said that he knew it was not in his written briefing because if it was in his briefing he would have read it.  "I read everything," he said.  "People think I'm not a reader.  I'm a great reader.  I'm probably the best reader you've ever had on your program..."

Who in God's name brags about what a great reader they are???  (And no, he has not spoken with Putin about it.)

Ned's radio show yesterday was very angry.  Angry music and several rants by Ned about how frustrated he is with what is going on in Portland now, and the government in general.

Have you heard that not only are peaceful protesters being arrested and put in unmarked vehicles and taken to places unknown, but now in order to be released they have to sign an agreement that they will not participate in any demonstrations? To be released after an illegal arrest, they have to give up their First Amendment rights.  This is our government.

And what can you do about it?  Can you sue?  Who can you sue?  How can you sue when the Attorney General is the person who is in charge of these soldiers that neither the mayor of Portland nor the governor of Oregon want?  What are your rights?

I had an email the other day from someone who says "Once in awhile I just start crying."

I understand.  If I keep the news off and do something other than think about what is going on, I'm OK, but sometimes it all just sort of rolls over me and I feel like crying too.  And the more we learn about COVID-19, the worse it gets.  Now we are learning that there are after effects.  One guy, a month or so after he recovered, had a relapse and became paralyzed from the neck down.  Another guy had some terrible heart thing happen and they think that the disease affects the heart and the brain...and are the effects reversible or permanent?  Nobody knows.

California now has the biggest number of positive cases and we may be on lock down again, which is fine with me.  With all the scare stories, I have no desire to leave the house.  But sometimes that makes me feel like crying.  Will I ever go to theater again?

But I think about the upcoming election and I worry a lot.  Trump is doing all he can to make the results of this election fraudulent and his hints that if he doesn't like the results, he might not leave the White House.  Now, the Secret Service could escort him out, but he has created his own "gestrumpo" of soldiers ... and might we face a civil war?  Who knows.

I am obviously voting for Biden.  I'm not a huge Biden fan, but I think he will do a fine job, if he can be elected (and who are those 40% of people who still think Trump is a good president???)  But when I look at the two men together, the thing I see in Biden that I have never seen in Trump is -- leadership.

What this coronavirus needs is a leader who can take charge and make rules for the entire country, instead of letting each governor decide what happens in his/her state.  That's like parents who decide not to discipline their children and let the kids decide what the rules are going to be, whether they are dangerous or not.  If the governor of Texas has a set of rules and the governor of Utah has a different set of rules, what happens if you travel from one state to the other.  Massachusetts already has a 14 day quarantine to enter the state.  No way we can visit Jeri for a weekend!

Trump is just uninterested in the 150,000 people who have died or the 4+ million positive cases.  He doesn't care that testing takes 10 days, which renders it pretty useless as a way to avoid transmission of the disease from one person to another.  He gives medical reports that are pretty much useless.  Today he praised a doctor who says masks are unnecessary and that hydroxychloroquine, which other doctors say is dangerous, cures COVID-19, and he didn't want to hear that this same doctor also talks about alien DNA and the physical effects of having sex with witches and demons.  He doesn't know about her, he says, but what she says makes sense.  Last week he said we should wear masks.

I want a leader in the White House.  And when I think about what we have...and what he can do in the next several months (and, god forbid, the next four year), I definitely feel like crying.



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