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28 July 2020

I'm not actively looking for pen pals any more, though am always ready to add another to my growing list of names.  Some of them are becoming friends, some of them may write once or twice and then not again.

As with everything else I get into, I jumped in with both feet and picked up new names and addresses willy nilly.  I don't even know how many pen pals I added to my list, but I designed a return address label with the coronavirus on it and I just had to run off the third page of labels...and there are 30 labels on each page.

I thought maybe I had acquired too many penpals, until I saw the photo on the left, posted by someone on a group on Facebook, saying she had finally caught up on all the back mail she had to write.  I think I have five mails to answer right now, so maybe I'm not as bad as I thought I was.  (I also have two letters to write to new people)

It's interesting the difference between letters.  I could never write one letter to someone and copy it to someone else because they are so different. 

I have several new friends who write lovely long typed letters, 4-5 pages filled with what is going on in their lives, books they are reading, shows they are watching, political views (those are usually good for a whole page or more!). 

Then there are people who write letters like this:

The piece of paper is 5x7 and the first page is about how sorry she is for not writing and about how she has nothing to write about.  On the second side is one paragraph about something going on in her family, and then the close.  This is her third letter and they are all like this.

This is the one pen pal to whom I hand write very short letters and use some of my stationery (my normal letters I type).

There is one woman who only wants me to write once a month, so when I hear from her, I have to put a note on her letter to answer after a certain date.

And then there is someone who writes very long letters, sometimes twice a day.  Her letters are always very interesting and she talks a lot about politics, of her country and our country.  I have learned more about Finland than I ever thought I wanted to know!

It's also interesting to hear from people in other countries (I have pen pals in the UK, Finland, Canada, Germany and Australia) about what they think about Donald Trump --  there is a certain unanimity in their negative view.

I have an amazing database and files of letters so I can tell what I wrote to someone whose letter I am answering, the last time so I don't repeat myself.

I am thoroughly enjoying all of this.  People are talking about depression during our lock-downs because of lack of social interaction.  This is my social interaction and I have more of it than I would have if I were just counting on people in Davis.

It's kind of nice.


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