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24 July 2020

My teddy bear, Benny got a letter from Bri's teddy bear, Gasper today.

I just love how the girls have learned to write letters, not only to each of us but also to the teddy bears.

This letter was written by Bri and she used a different handwriting and misspelled some words so Benny would understand that Gasper had written it.

I been doon ok. Yesterday wee went to a dance called the Snowflake Ball.  I had fun.  I went with my friend Purple Puppy.  It was awesome.

Then he had this, which I thought was very cute:

Bri's dad's been out working on the yard a bit today.  He made some steps up to the deck next to the hot tub.  I never been in it, though.  I assume it's a lot like the swirly twirly.  The humans call the swirly twirly (or S.T.) a wassy masheen, I think. 

Anyway, it was great fun

Ned cooked a nice meatloaf dinner and after it was over, Walt, Polly and I sat down to watch Jeopardy.

Then it was time for the return of baseball.  The Giants were playing the Dodgers and we watched all the players kneeling for the national anthem.

The guys also had "Black Lives Matter" signs above "Giants."  Trump probably turned it off.  He said that any "kneeling" would be the end of a game for him.

It looks like most of the "kneelers" were Giants.  I only saw one Dodger who was kneeling.  It also seemed strange to hear how quiet it was and look at all those empty stands.

They did play recordings of crowds at appropriate moments, and fans could buy figures of themselves to be permanently mounted on seats around the stadium, which looked a bit weird.

As I write this, it's the Dodgers are leading 5-1.  Well, at least some things are the same. 


opening night in Santa Barbara


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