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21 July 2020

Well, when I started gathering pen pals, I hoped to have a letter or two to write each day, and I have had a nice number of emails and snail mails to answer, but I couldn't believe what came in the mail today:

Six letters and five postcards!  I will definitely have something to write tomorrow!

When looking for pen pals, I joined a group someone had recommended, called the League of Extraordinary Pen pals, which is a pay site.  I wasn't sure how I would feel about it but you couldn't really figure out what it was all about without joining, so I only paid for a short period of time to check it out.

It didn't take long before I was upset that I had done that.  Their website doesn't really give much information and it seems that you need to also join the Facebook group to get more information but even that was confusing.  I was a member of the group, but I never got accepted to the Facebook page.  Usually when you join a group, you are accepted within a day or two.  It was  two weeks and I still l wasn't accepted, which meant I couldn't find out anything about the group.  I was also sent a database of members, which, as I could tell, did nothing but give me names and addresses and no usable information.

Well, I found out they only accept one or two people a day to the Facebook group because they have to get their information in the database and by only accepting one or two people, they can highlight their addition to the rest of the members.  Also, dumb me, I realized t hat the database was much wider than my computer screen and if I scrolled across I got the age of the person, their birth date, and all sorts of information about their status and interests.

Yesterday, with all this mail I realized that people actually write to you and welcome you to the group, which is quite lovely and gives you a list of potential pen pals right off the bad without your doing anything (one letter I got today was from someone who remembered that she used to read Funny the World).  Now I understand why the fee to join and why it seemed so confusing for so long.

I also joined a group called Pen Pal World, which is free and is kind of nice, but I don't want to have male pen pals and the only unsolicited mail I've received (3 requests) has been from men.  There doesn't seem to be any way to stop that.  It's also frustrating because you send original messages through the site and you can only send two a day so if you find 3 people you are interested in contacting, you have to spread your mail out over two days.  (There is a pay option that eliminates this, but I was looking for free)

Then there is Global Pen Friends, another free site (with a pay option, but not necessary). This is nice because you can specify exactly the kind of pen pal you'd like, as to gender and age and whether US resident or international.  You can also choose either email or snail mail -- I like snail mail for US people and email for international because of the postage.  The frustrating thing about this site is that, of course, they would prefer you to pay and so there are a random number of people whom you might like to contact, but you are not permitted to write t o them.  No reason for the choice, just can't write to them.  But there are lots more that you can write to and you get a nice profile of people so you have a good idea whether or not you think you might be compatible.  You can also either send email directly within t he Global web site or exchange email addresses.  They are very good about keeping your privacy and letting you decide how much you want to reveal (including your name)

So I am all set up for pen pals now.  I have a few who I think are going to be long term pals and a few who will never be "in depth" messaging, but a note here and there.  I also got a post card from someone who lives 2 blocks from where my grandparents lived in San Francisco, which was kid of nice.

It's most fun exchanging information with international pen pals, all of whom have lots of things to say about American politics.  This seems to be the prevailing sentiment:  "Trump has made America the laughing stock of the world. America used to be number one in the world. Today it counts for virtually nothing. He is sending you and your country back into the dark ages."


This is one of the "babies," learning how to beg


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