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18 July 2020

Well, today was not groundhog day .... we actually did stuff.

First of all, it's Marta's birthday.  Ned was out at the crack of dawn to get in the "seniors" gang at the supermarket to get stuff for breakfast.  He made a creamy polenta with bacon and Asiago cheese.  He took breakfast up to Marta and then sat down and said it was time to tell us "what's going on."  We actually have not seen Marta in several days.  He said that she's working hard so she can take a day off, each  night when she doesn't join us for dinner, but I was beginning to wonder if we had done something wrong or if she just needed to be away from us for awhile.

But it turns out that she went into the office a week ago and learned later that someone who was there is sick and is waiting for results of the COVID test, so she is "isolating" herself.  Ned is sleeping in a different room and she hasn't been anywhere near us since then.  Nobody is showing any signs but you never know and it's good that she's isolating herself...and that it's not just us.

After breakfast, Walt went out for his daily bike ride and I got to making the chocolate chip bread pudding that Marta had requested instead of a birthday cake (since I don't think any of us actually like cake)

When the bread pudding was finished, Walt and I watched the 2 hour Ken Burns national park special that I had seen yesterday and when the mail arrived there was a wonderful gift for me from one of my new penpals.

I have bought these 3D cards for people and know how expensive they are and I'm so  touched that someone would send one to me.

When the video was over, Ned arranged chairs far away from the patio table and Marta came down to open gifts.

This was from Ned

Marta's favorite dinner is pizza, so Ned is going to order a pizza and then we will have my bread pudding (a low carb dinner!).

At least there's something different to talk about today!

Tomorrow I'll do something again because we have all these beautiful strawberries that Ned bought earlier this week and I think I will make those strawberry scones I made a few weeks ago.  And maybe a strawberry upside down cake.




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