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16 July 2020

I'm starting to feel like I'm living Groundhog Day.  The days are so same.  I wake up, feed Polly, pour myself a cup of coffee (which Ned usually makes while I'm asleep), watch The Today Show and Kelly and Ryan while I check e-mail and Facebook, then I come into my office and write, sometimes this entry (if I haven't written it the night before) and then a letter or two.  Sometime around 11, I take my morning nap.

Wake up, find something for lunch and marvel at how quiet the house is.  Walt will be upstairs doing his own thing, Ned will be in his apartment watching TV or, if it's the weekend, getting his radio show put together.  Marta also in the apartment, where she is working from home.

More writing, keeping up with Facebook discussions on several different shows I watch, maybe another nap if I haven't slept much the night before.

Around 4, thinking about dinner, hoping it's Ned's night to cook.

At 5 almost on the dot, Polly comes in to my office to let me know it's time to feed her.  Ned feeds Bouncer and I feed Polly at the same time.

One or the other of us cooks dinner and we sit down to eat.  When dinner is over, Walt and I watch Jeopardy and have an ice cream bar.  Ned and Marta go upstairs for the night.

Walt cleans the kitchen while I watch TV.  He goes upstairs.  I watch the evening news that I haven't seen in the afternoon, 2 episodes of Call the Midwife and one episode of Great British Baking Show, play the DVD of Stephen Colbert's opening monologue and then go to the living room and hope I can fall asleep.

This is pretty much how every day goes.  I haven't been reading much because I need new glasses, but I changed the typeface on my Kindle yesterday and now I can read.  This is why I have a Kindle.

I joined a group swap on Swap Bot this morning.  You are supposed to write about:

3 things that made you happy in July

* Watching the squirrels eating the seeds from the sunflowers that Ned put on the table outside.

* A visit from one of our foreign students, who lived here in the 1980s and whom I have not heard from in about 25 years.
* A Zoom surprise birthday party for Tom's 50th birthday.  Sixteen people from all across the country.  Such fun!
* Bonus:  finally getting to see Hamilton on TV.

2 things you're looking forward to in August

* I'd like to say seeing my mother for the first time since March, but the way the virus is going who knows if that will happen.
* Ned's birthday.  We have no big plans, but he turns 53 and I'm sure we will do something to celebrate.

1 thing from July that you'd rather forget

* Any comments from #45 that I accidentally came across on TV.



Marta's mother sent her flowers from Hawaii
for her upcoming birthday
(each flower was individually wrapped)

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