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14 July 2020

I heard from Sandy at Eldervilla that my mother had fallen, probably trying to put on her shoes.

He sent me a video of her saying that she was not in pain and being quite vague about everything.  We decided she probably didn't need a doctor, but would just have bruises.  This is not the time to take a 100 year old to a hospital setting for bruises.

However, the next day she was complaining of pain and not walking, so we started the communication with her doctor.  I hope that this event will make things easier in the future.  I contact the doctor via Kaiser's e-mail process, the doctor needs information, I text Sandy, he give me information, I send to the doctor and she says she needs to talk to Sandy, so I sent her his phone number -- and I hope in the future they have worked out some way that they can contact each other directly.

I told Ned I would love to have listened to their conversation, though.  She is from Bangladesh and he is from India, both have strong accents and I can never understand either of them, so listening to the two of them talking to each other would have been interesting!

The result was that she needed to come in for an x-ray and I was very relieved when Sandy just assumed he would be taking her because he has a van and a wheelchair and she respects him and it would just be easier, though Ned and I were certainly willing to take her if necessary.

Kaiser won't let anyone come in without a mask and apparently it was a struggle to get her to wear a mask (as I knew it would be).  You an see how "happy" she is. 

It seems that all of her pictures for the last few years are taken with her hands crossed across her chest, her way to protect herself from the world.

Anyway, the upshot is there is no fracture, so she just has to go home and rest.

Today Sandy sent me this picture

I was so happy to see such a good picture.  She is smiling and her arms are not crossed across her chest.

Later he sent me this photo

This is her receiving the post card I sent to her.  It's a picture of a Boston Bull terrier, which she had as a child.  I wrote a simple message on the back saying that I missed her. 

Sandy says she loved the post card and when someone asked who it was from she said "my mother."

Oh well...at least we're relatives!



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