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9 July 2020

Well, we couldn't go to Santa Barbara to celebrate Tom's 50th birthday, so the family in Santa Barbara threw him a surprise Zoom party.

Walt's sister managed to get 16 members of the family from all over the country - California, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Maryland -- to get together for a zoom conference.  Tom was supposedly coming to Alice and Joe's for dinner and when he got there, there was a zoom screen all set up for him, under an umbrella to keep the glare off the screen.

This being the Sykes/Baur family, things were chaotic.  But Walt settled in with a bottle of wine...

I couldn't sit with him because my cell phone was too close to his tablet and there was distortion, so I had to join in from my recliner.

"Delicate Pooh" even got out of his mayonnaise jar to wish a happy birthday to the kid who was his best friend for a long time.

I have spoken often about "Hour Baur" -- the fact that this family can't say "goodbye" in under 60 minutes -- so we wondered how Zoom's 45 minute time limit would go.  And yes, at 45 minutes, we were cut off, but most people logged back on again to start "Hour Baur-ing."  I let Walt and Ned do the second round while I worked on our pizza dinner.

So I think Tom really got a sense of a "birthday party" even if we had to do it digitally.  How lucky we are to be living in an age where we can do stuff like this!



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