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7 July 2020

I love sunflowers.

The Davis area is a great area for sunflowers.  There are fields of them all over the place and it's a great place to go out with a camera (if you can find a place to park).  It's kind of like the Golden Gate Bridge -- it always looks the same but I love the look and so whenever I am round sunflowers, I have to take pictures, even though my pictures pretty much look like all the pictures I took the last time I saw sunflowers.

Ned's friend Jon has a farm and Ned went out to help him harvest a lot of his produce this week.  He came home with a bunch of flowers, including a few sunflowers.  He decided that they would look better outside than inside, so he put them in a vase and put them on the patio table.

The squirrels found them.

Dexter had a great time chewing at the sunflower all day Sunday.  Then Monday I looked out and she had taken the flower down completely.

Nobody is begging for peanuts now.  They are too interested in the sunflowers.  There are two more in the vase and I'm wondering if they will get to those too.



The dove egg hatched!

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