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6 July 2020

We should be in Santa Barbara today.  While I don't mind staying at home, I miss being with the family over the 4th of July ... and especially celebrating Tom's 50th birthday.  So glad his 49th was such a big deal.

Alice Nan called yesterday...she was home alone too, missing the family.  Tom was off playing golf and we didn't even talk to him, but sent him a video.

It was a quiet week end around here.  I finally got to watch Hamilton, which I had never seen, and which I loved.  I was grateful that Jeri suggested a couple of years ago that I get the CD and listen to the music, which I have done a lot since then, so it was easier for me to follow the plot through all those high speed rap songs, which make Gilbert & Sullivan patter songs seem tame in comparison!

But it's not all rap.  There are several styles of music comprising this musical and, thanks to video close ups, we were able to learn that Jonathan Groff, who plays King George, is a spitter.  Big glop of spittle during a close up in his first solo.

Jeri called and we had a good chat about Hamilton.  She had just seen the telecast, though she had seen the show before.  It was nice to share notes.

I also have been watching Season 3 of The Crown on Netflix and in the episode I watched yesterday Elizabeth gives young Charles a lecture on why royals show no emotion...even among each other.  It was very sad, and the first thing I've seen about Elizabeth which made me not like her very much...it also explains her lack of emotional response after Diana's death.

We had a 4th of July dinner -- hot dogs, potato chips, stuffed eggs, and cold slaw.  I didn't make an apple pie, which was suggested, but we didn't need it.  Then, instead of watching fireworks on TV, we watched the last half of this week's America's Got Talent. now being done without an audience, which was weird.

And there you have it -- our 4th of July weekend.  No beach BBQ with 60 people, Tom and Joe sweating over a huge BBQ pit filled with all sorts of meats, and a table full of side dishes brought by the guests.

I missed it.

You know what else I'm missing?  Shopping.  Grocery shopping.

This surprises me because basically I hate shopping and am thrilled that Ned has taken over doing it for the past year, though until COVID-19 arrived, I did shop occasionally.  Ned does a great job and he's so good about running off to the store for one or two things that we are out of, as well as doing a week's worth of meat and vegetables and other stuff.  I love that and it makes my life so much easier.

But I realize that I miss wandering around the store, looking at stuff and getting cooking ideas from what is on the shelves....or finding out what new "thing" is now being sold that I know nothing about.  I've also heard that prices have gone way up and I don't have a clue what anything costs any more.  If I ask Ned to pick up such-and-such, and he always does, I don't know if it is waaay more than I wanted to pay or not. 

Basically, I'm glad Ned is shopping, but occasionally I miss going to the store myself.  But I'm now one week past our socialization of last weekend and no signs of COVID and I'm barely stepping out of the house to put mail out for the mailman to pick up until next weekend.  I don't think there was any risk of coming in contact with anybody with coronavirus, but it was my first time out of the house and I just want to be sure.

The one thing I didn't miss over the weekend was our glorious leader's two speeches and fireworks, but I woke up this morning and heard highlights, where I learned that 99% of COVID-19 cases are harmless (which a doctor said was "dangerously false)...and we need to learn how to live with it.

The next story I heard was about Broadway actor Nick Cordero, age 41, who just died of COVID-19 after fighting it for 3 months, including being put in a coma, having a leg amputated, and realizing that if he lived he would need two lung transplants.

Harmless.  Yeah  Right. 

He leaves a wife and a baby.  I don't think they think this is a harmless disease.

I also heard a report on the kids the government kidnapped and have kept in prison for a couple of years and how many of them are now testing positive for COVID-19.



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