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January 31, 2020

What great fun we had last night.

We went to the 16th annual "Soup's On," hosted by Yolo County "soupervisor" Don Saylor.  Each year he has this big event as a fund raiser for some charitable organization.  We had never been before, but tonight the fund raiser was for Acme Theatre Company and of course we had to go to that!

I don't know how many people were there, but we might have been pushing the fire department limits.  The  people who organized this thing thought of everything.  There was a room for coats, and a room for kids, who probably wouldn't want soup.  The kids would be having pizza, playing games, and watching movies.

The rest of us crowded into the main room and stood in a long line to get food.  While we were waiting, a man came up to me, someone I knew very slightly whom I had not seen in years, who thanked me for my reviews and told me how much he enjoys them.  THAT's why I write for The Enterprise, and not Sacramento News and Review !

I don't know how many soups there were -- maybe 10?  The Psychiatrist and his wife were there and she recommended the clam chowder, so I took some of that and a chili chicken soup made by a local restaurant.  You went from the soup table to the salad table, where there was also spiced chicken chunks go put on your salad.  They were also serving "puzole" (a Mexican soup made with hominy).

And then there was a dessert table with gluten free cookies and two huge bottles of iced water.

It seemed like every table was takens and I was afraid we would have to sit on the chairs along the wall.  I was very happy I had brought my walker instead of my cane (the seat is great for carrying food!)  But our friend Jessica had saved seats for us down front, right behind the guest of honor..  What a wonderful friend she is!!!

There was a brief presentation by some current Acme kids and then a presentation of a memory book for Dave Burmester and wife Libby, who founded Acme 40 years ago.  He received a standing ovation and later got together for a photo with all of the Acme alums who attended.

I thought it interesting that a lot of the kids from "our years" came and none of them brought their spouses!  Ned didn't come, but if he had, Marta had said she didn't want to come, so he would have come alone too. 

It was so nice to see all these grown ups that we remember as kids, now married with kids of their own, and to think back on the impact Acme has had on our family...and everyone else in that room tonight.


Fresh peanuts

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