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January 17, 2019

I had forgotten how cute Reagandoodle pictures  on Instagram are.  I had a great time looking over all the ones I hadn't seen before.

Walt and I went to see Dear Evan Hanson last night.  We have seen, so far, four shows since the start of the year -- 17 days -- and two of them have been about teen suicide.  It's a powerful show with amazing technology and has everyone crying throughout (Colbert said he cried for two hours).  I didn't cry that much, but I was moved to tears a couple of times.  The show we see tonight should be very funny and I'm glad--I think we definitely need a very funny show.

We created an "incident" before the show started.  We were sitting in our seats and Walt got up to go to the bathroom.  In climbing past me, he caught his foot in the strap of my purse and didn't hear me when I tried to stop him and ended up falling into the aisle. 

Other than embarrassed, he was OK and he went off to the bathroom, but a guy showed up with a clipboard to take information on the incident.  Needed to know his name, address and phone and said it would go on record in Sacramento in case  there was a "problem" later.  He also said he would come back at intermission to check on Walt to see if he was still OK.  But he never showed up.

Walt had parked in a parking lot 3 blocks a way.  I'm not all that great in walking distances any more, so he usually gets the car and picks me up.  There is a little plaza kind of thing outside the theater where many people wait for rides and I settled there to wait for Walt.

But it was cold.  Damn cold!  Jeri sends us short videos from Boston each day and the one she sent today was sent from the car, where she showed that it was 20 degrees.  Well, it wasn't 20 in Sacramento, but it was 44 and by the time Walt arrived I felt like an ice cube.  Jeri had a knit cap and maybe gloves.  I didn't.  As I sat there I was imagining what it must be like to be homeless in weather like this.  I only had to sit for 15-20 minutes. It would get colder during the night and where would homeless people be sleeping?

I was remembering when Ned worked at a radio station 20 years ago and as a stunt one time, he went homeless in Sacramento for 3 days.  He slept on a friend's porch and called in reports to the station throughout his time homeless.  Out of that came a fund raiser.  He realized that one thing that happens to homeless people is that their feet hurt.  So he lived in a little play house on a gas station property  and asked people to stop by and make donations to buy shoes for the homeless.  When his time (a week, I think) was over, they raffled off the play house.  I don't remember what their goal amount was, but they reached the goal and bought shoes that were donated to a homeless shelter in Sacramento.  (I may have the exact details wrong, but that's the jist of it)

The next show at that theater is not until March 3.  It is possible it won't be quite that cold by then, but I'll be sure to bring at least a knit hat and gloves.



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