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January 16, 2019

I had a letter from one of my sponsored children the other day, this one a 14 year old girl from Honduras.  She drew a picture of a whale for me, which I loved because most of the kids who draw pictures draw a house, a tree and sometimes a mountain behind the house.  (One of the kids I have sponsored the longest -- about 8 years -- has drawn the same picture with every letter!)

I had written a letter to all of the kids several months ago and, being inspired, wrote about beavers.  I can't remember what inspired me to write about beavers, but it was great because several of the kids have mentioned them, and whether or not they had ever heard of beavers before.

This girl said that she had heard of beavers and that they lookd like squirrels and asked if I knew about squirrels.

As I was reading it, our 3 squirrels (I think there are only 3) who live around our yard were scampering about and I told her about them, about how I feed them peanuts every day, and took a picture of one of them, eating a peanut.  The photo was taken through a screen door, unfortunately, so it's not all that clear.  (these guys are so fast, it's difficult to get a good picture with a phone camera!)

I told her about squirrels being everywhere here, mostly in parks.  I know there are some countries where the only way you can see a squirrel is in a zoo.

I remember when I took our Brasilian daughter to the state capitol, which has a big park around it, filled with squirrels.  She had never seen one out of a zoo before and was very excited.  She kept squealing esquilos! esquilos!  I had planned to return with her with some peanuts at a later date, but I don't think I ever did.  (It's OK.  She lives in the US now and has raised two children here, so I'm sure she has had plenty of time to feed the esquilos locally.)

I love the squirrels in our yard.  When I first bought peanuts to feed them, I would toss out a handful and watch for squirrels to come.  But the blue jays found them first and would fly down, take one, fly away, then come back.  I don't know if the squirrels got any of them.  That happened every time I tossed out peanuts.

But yesterday, I saw one of the squirrels on the other side of the yard, by the fence, and tossed out some peanuts.  The squirrel found the peanuts before the jay did and picked up one and raced off. Almost immediately another squirrel followed and picked up another peanut.  Eventually the third squirrel came and the three of them had a great time collecting all the peanuts.  I also tossed out some pistachios, but they refused those (I"m assuming because they were salted).  The jays collected the pistachios later.

It's just a little thing but I had such a great time just sitting there and watching the wildlife in my back yard.  Today it's raining, so no squirrels or no peanuts.



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