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January 14, 2019

Everywhere you look around here you'll find photos.  In every box, in every drawer, on every flat surface (including the floor) you'll find photos.  Photos I may never have seen in years.  My mother's photos, my father's photos, my grandparents' photos, my godfather's photos.  There is no danger of future generations wishing they had photos of our family history.

These two I found on the floor of my office yesterday.  I dont have a clue where they came from!

This is my great grandmother, my father's grandmother, at Laguna Honda Home in San Francisco.  I am assuming this was taken around 1948.   It's the only time I remember seeing her.  I was terrified because she was so old.

It's strange that my mother's side of the family has been so researched we can trace her relatives back to the 1400s, with lots of narrative histories, but I know essentially nothing about my father's side of the family.  The family tree in my babybook tells me her name was Mae Bohen and she was born in the US, but her husband was born in Germany.  Her parents were born in Ireland and there are no relatives listed on her husband's sided.   That is the extent of my knowledge of my father's side of the family.

Many years ago, I joined Ancestry.com and got a little bit of information, but I haven't been back and now I have to pay to look at anything.  I don't have the energy to do the kind of research my cousin did on my mother's side of the family, so my father's side will remain a mystery, I guess.

This was the other photo I found.

This is my mother, her friend Estelle, and my paternal grandmother.  They are standing in front of San Francisco's famous Cliff House (I think there have been two different buildings since this picture was taken, in 1953, according to my grandmother's note on the back). 

I always loved the Cliff House, when I could afford to eat there.  That was where Tom first had Baked Alaska and was so intrigued, he learned to make it and made it every year for Thanksgiving.

I loved looking out at the ocean at Seal Rock, which was at that time covered with seals.  Since then they discovered the individual piers for private boats at Fisherman's Wharf and now they have nudged the boats out and the seals have taken over all the piers.

What I love about the Cliff House photo is the furs.  Real furs.  PETA would be livid to see this photo today!

Esther was an interesting person.  She lived in the flat upstairs from us and was an alcoholic, but at some point she sobered up and even got her degree from Lone Mountain college for women.  I remember she invited us to lunch one day and served us a salad with lots of grapes in it and she had peeled every grape.  I don't remember much about her, but I definitely remember the peeled grapes.

When Walt and I went to New York the first time we were going to stay with her and her husband out on Long Island.  We arrived in NYC and spent the day seeing some sights and by the time we got to her house she was livid.  She had prepared a special meal for us and served it to us, but refused to sit with us and eat it--and didn't speak to us.  However, she did wake us up in the middle of the night because it had started snowing and she wanted to show us the snow.

Strange the things you remember.

It's definitely an adventure picking up photographs around here, but kind of nice when those memories pop out.


Ned creates interesting dinners.  This was
salad with poached egg, bacon, avocado
on a bed of balsamic vinegar

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