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January 13, 2019

Thursday, Friday, Saturday.  Sunday was my "weekend."

On Thursday, we saw "The Burials" by Acme Theatre Company, the young people's theater that our kids helped to start 40 years ago.  I don't review any "children's theater" because of stage mothers and other issues, but Acme has always been different and I've always reviewed them (and have had only one negative parent comment, from someone who didn't think I knew what Acme is).

The thing about Acme is that they have never shied away from difficult, controversial subjects -- abortion, bullying, gay rights, transgender issues, Nazi Germany, Native Americans, etc.  This one was an interesting and powerful play about school shooting and gun control.  A conservative politician is running for re-election and while he is being interviewed on TV, his son, who has been making videos on You Tube for some time, goes on a shooting spree, killing several kids at his high school and himself.

The adjustment of his two sisters returning to school, and the disagreement between father and daughter on gun control was very powerful.

On Friday we went from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Sister Act, based on the 1992 Whoopi Goldberg movie turns the story-with-music movie into a musical-with-story stage show.  It's fun from start to finish and had amazing talent in the cast.  The role of the Mother Superior, which was a small part in the movie, has been expanded and she has almost as big a role as Deloris van Cartier/Sister Mary Clarence.  Both actresses have wonderful voices and tons of stage experience. The Mother Superior was so believable, I felt like calling her "sister."  "Nice job for a  Jewish girl," her husband said to me afterwards.  Nice indeed.

This theater has microphones on the stage and so offer hearing assistance, which I decided to try this time since I am having harder and harder time hearing in some theaters.  For this particular show, I probably didn't need assistance, but I can see that I will always get the assist in the future.  Sigh--we now sit in the back wheel chair row because I am uncomfortable with all the stairs and now I have headphones to help me hear.  I'm definitely aging.

We ended the weekend with a show called "Pump Boys and Dinettes."

This wasn't so much a story as a concert.  Written in 1981 it has a cast of six -- four men, who work in a garage, and two women who work in the next door dinette.  There is minimal dialog, just enough to get to the next country song.  But it was fun and we enjoyed it.

Sunday I finally went to see my mother, whom I had not seen since before Christmas, because of the confusion of the holiday and then the cold I had, not wanting to bring germs to Eldervilla.  She was awake and talking, but making no sense.  She greeted me by apologizing over and over again and explaining that she put "it" somewhere and had been searching for it, but couldn't find it.  I never did find out what "it" is. 

So we didn't so much as have a visit as me sitting there with her and trying to make some response from her.  She has been such a wonderful "hostess" throughout her 100 years that she has all the right responses to make to comments or questions...they just don't match the comment or question that you've given her.


Full moon on the way to Sacramento Saturday night

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