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January 7, 2019

You're a big star like Sandra Bullock and you are presenting the Golden Globe for the best picture of the year.  The biggest award of the night.

Is this how you want your hair to look????  Presumably she had a high-priced hair dresser and someone backstage to get her looking her best before she went on stage, and she looks like she just got caught in a wind storm.

I am the worst person to comment on fashion.  I never have been a fashion plate or interested in current fashion, but now that I'm old, I guess I'm an old fuddy duddy.  I look at some performers who come on TV or just walking down the street, and I wonder why this has become fashion.

I do not, for example, understand the popularity of uneven hem lines.

It seems like half the dresses I see have uneven hem lines.  It's like someone who wasn't too good at sewing made a mistake and everyone else is doing it now.

I also hate, for no real reason, all the cut-out shoulders you see everywhere.

As for shoes, stilettos are more what I think of as "dressy" shoes

...though I would kill myself if I tried to walk in these....or in shoes a fraction of the size of these heels!

But I don't think of these as dress-up shoes.

...though apparently some do, with or without the platforms and high heels.

As for hair styles, I never understand uneven hair cuts, with half of it designed to cover the eyes.

Nor do I understand the appeal of the messy look, like Sandra Bullock, or Kelly Rippa or Amy Poehler.

When I realize that all I want to do is to take a brush and brush through that hair, I realize that I really am an old fuddy duddy.

But then my wardrobe consists of half a dozen pairs of stretch pants, dozens of t-shirts, and one pair of shoes (Birkenstocks), so I am nobody to pass judgment on anybody.  I enjoy watching Project Runway, but the styles I really like are most likely the ones that are at the bottom of the judge's choices, and mostly because they look like they are designed for old ladies.




Billy Porter was voted "best" on the Golden Globes red carpet


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