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January 6, 2019

Yesterday or the day before, I mentioned  that I could not remember the last time I was sick, and then I looked at the entry for January 5, 2019, entitled "Creeping Crud Season," which really I could just have duplicated and posted here.  I know exactly when the last time I was sick was:  January 5, 2019.  In fact, the photo I sent to Jeri this morning showing how miserable I looked is almost identical to the Photo of the Day last year.

I never think to take medicine when I  get sick, but I did finally check with Ned to see if we had any cough syrup, which we did, so I'm all stoked now for symptom relieving substances.

I did sleep a bit better than I had the night before and I don't feel as sick today as I did yesterday, though Walt has sneezed, so I'm hoping that he's not getting it too.

(written the next day) - Walt has it.  Only for him it's with a fever.  Marta went back to work this morning, Ned is looking more normal and I'm just feeling like I have a slight cold, but not wiped out like I have been feeling.  Now it's Walt's turn.

We went to a memorial service yesterday.  This was for Don Kessler, who died on Thanksgiving day.  Don's son John was in Lawsuit.  We've known the family for probably 40 years.  If we had belonged to the Davis Community Church, I probably would have sung in the choir, which has been directed by Don's wife Rachel for all that time. 

Don was one of those guys who was very involved in the community.  He founded the Davis Brass ensemble (he played the trombone).  He was a member of the Rotary Club and was recognized as its top fund raiser.  He was also involved in the Davis Aquadarts and Sierra Nevada Swimming and was awarded a lifetime membership for his service with USA swimming.

Don was the guy we buy crates of oranges from each December, a fund raiser for Valley Artists Productions and, in fact, was still making calls to people selling citrus this year days before he died.  I had to laugh at one of the eulogists who asked for a show of hands in the SRO audience in the church of how many had bought citrus from Don and I swear every hand in the place went up!

The one nice thing about funerals for musicians is that the "entertainment" is always good.  The 11-piece Davis Brass Ensemble played several numbers as pre-service music and a rousing Navy hymn in the middle of the service.  Don's daughter, who has a beautiful voice, sang Pie Jesu from the Fauré Requiem in honor of her father.

We went to the reception afterwards, but neither Ned nor I felt well (as well as not wanting to spread germs), so we went home early.  Marta was on her bike and Walt stayed to visit, which he loves to do.



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