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26 February 2020

Today Ned was back on the radio again.

His friend Clyde was vacationing in Hawaii and Ned was asked if he would fill in for two weeks.  An hour before he went on the air, he heard from Clyde that he is also going to be out for personal reasons in April and would Ned like to take his show for three weeks then.

At 1 p.m. today, I was on my computer plugged in to KDRT's "listen now" link (show to be rebroadcast through their archive later).

Ned explained that while this show is dedicated to musicians with Davis connections, he wanted to highlight Timbertrout studios, the brainchild, some 30 years ago, of KC Bowman, the offspring of "Connections Clyde," who, Ned hoped, was listening in Hawaii.

Ned went on to talk about the various groups who have recorded through Timbertrout studios, and called KC "the consumate creative enabler," explaining that KC never argued with anyone about what to record.  He invited listeners to "climb aboard the Timbertrout train with him we we could explore together."

He started with two recordings by Preoccupied Pipers and Agony Ants and then explained who was singing, realizing that he owed his friend Jon a text, so answered him about planting tomatoes.

Next came "Falling thru Clouds," by Preoccupied Pipers, featuring Jeri, whom he described as a brilliant musician and gave a bit of her background.

Next came a song recorded a long time ago at the Varsity Theater here in Davis, late at night one night, when Bill Fairfield, a musician from the group Mumbo Gumbo happened by with his accordion and decided to join them.  Ned pointed out that this song "Give it to Me" is the only time his wife, Marta, recorded a trombone solo.  I loved this song--you can hear how much fun they are having putting this song together.

The next song, called "Piranha" is off of the Preoccupied Pipers album called "Stupid People Going Stupid Places."

[I am writing this while listening to the show -- can you tell?]

"I think I Love You" is a tribute to The Partridge Family recorded by Porcupine Poopers, a "comedy monstrosity" arranged in 1998.

Calming down now, with a song by Agony Ants  -- "he was the cloud and she was the rain..." written the year Ned and Marta got married.

A song written by Dave and his friend Jeff Story, "A Song for Jason and Miriam," written for their wedding.  David has been dead now for nearly 25 years now and it was so nice to hear this song.  Jason (Fisk) is a long time Davis person, who took a break from Davis to play football with the Vikings for several years (he played in a Super Bowl) but is now retired from the field and is a teacher.

Revving back up now with "Cleveland Dreamer" from the Trout Super show.

Ned introduced a new song ("Calculating Boy") by the Corner Laughers off of their soon to be released album, "Accepted Time," was introduced.

"The Vegetable Song," a Lawsuit favorite, was next has such great lyrics written by Joe Hayes.  Here is a sample:

When you left my apartment and slammed the door
You left my heart rotting in the vegetable drawer
of my Kenmore refrigerator
I canít believe youíre not coming round any more.

Now Iím staring down at my Lady Lee milk
Iíve never dealt with a problem of this ilk
Dated May 1st, 8 days past
Just like my rotting love for you.

Now Iím in the kitchen thinking about
The last time you made me sauerkraut
And when I learned it was only from a can
I knew that something had gone wrong

As I eat this rancid stuffed potato
It reminds me of my moldy green tomato
It reminds me of the time you cooked for me
And the time I cooked you linguine ...  etc.

Ned told the story of a song written as a challenge by him to KC.  Ned was laid up with a disc problem and was bored because he couldn't do anything.  He challenged KC to record "Devil went down to Georgia" by the Charlie Daniels Band.  Instead KC came back with something called "The Devil Went down to Kevin."  This is a song Ned didn't like at first, but came to love

Next came "Downshifting" by Joe Hayes, written by his father, who used to be a member of the Putah Creek Crawdads (a group which includes The Psychiatrist -- remember him?)

He ended the show with Steve Schalchlin's "Franco Ate the Paperwork" which Steve wrote when Ned challenged him during a writing dry spell.  He later came to Timbertrout from New York to record it.  Later the song was performed at the SF Opera House by the SF gay man's chorus..  Sadly the "listen now" ended before the end of the song, but I know it anyway, so that's OK.

A fun first show for Ned.  I am so glad there is such a thing as streaming audio! The show will be on line for a couple of weeks and can be heard here.


2000 picture.  Timbertrout -- Ned and KC with a pirate.  Caption to this picture was:
I'm very proud of the track we cut. It burns. Thanks to Ned's drumming
and KC's awesome guitar solo and bass tracks. Bob and I want to take them on the road with us.

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