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21 February 2020

Last week Ned went to the local radio station, KDRT, to do an hour show with his friend Clyde Bowman (father of KC, who was in Lawsuit, who who runs Timbertrout Studios, where Ned records whenever he's in Berkeley).  I do love things that stream on the internet.  I was able to listen to Clyde's show.  He started the show a few years back really to play Lawsuit music but it has evolved into his highlighting local music groups (Davis Music Connections)...and also Lawsuit.

Clyde is going on vacation for two weeks and Ned is going to do Clyde's show while he is gone.  After 25 or so years in radio, Ned is getting back into radio.


When Clyde returns, Ned will have his own show (I have been calling it "Ned at Night," but don't really know what he is going to call it).  He'll be on one night a week at a time not yet chosen, but probably late, and I'm excited for him to be back in radio again.

Of course this is not a paid job, but I hope it will be a good start for him, getting back to work.  When he was working in radio he did it all -- producer, on-air personality, image person and who knows what else.  In the years when I was still decorating cakes, it was fun for me to run out at 2 a.m. to the local 24/hr supermarket to buy something and to hear Ned's voice coming over the speaker, since they turned off "elevator music" at 11 p.m. or so and put on what they wanted to hear.  But Radio is a fickle employer.  Even someone who has been with the station for more than 20 years can be victim to changes in format, and Ned and his boss were both let go with the latest format change (having survived several previous changes).  But he has all the skills from his years with the radio and I hope he'll enjoy having his own show again, even if only one night a week.

And, of course, shows on KDRT are streamed so can be listened to live, or can be listened to in the archive for a week or two after they are originally broadcast.

My computer mouse stopped working this afternoon.  Very frustrating that the cursor just sits there looking at me.  I wasn't sure at first whether it was the cursor or the computer.  I tried "kicking it" (rebooting the computer), which I could do with keyboard commands, but when it rebooted it was the same.  There is a mouse in my laptop case, but we don't know where that got relocated in the house reorganization.  Ned finally found a laptop mouse and plugged that in and I'm back in business again.

On the schedule for tomorrow:  a trip to Office Max for a new mouse!


Goleta Force Brings Home AYSO Section 10 Girls 12U Championship

Bri's soccer team won another championship and
now fly to Arizona for the Western States Championships.
They Western States Championships will feature the four best 12U girls teams on the West Coast.

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