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19 February 2020

Walt and I had a weird courtship.  A good part of it had to do with greeting cards.  He was living in a communal house with several roommates that was owned by the Newman Club ("Newman Inn").  I was the sometimes cook for the house, as I lived just a few blocks away in a dormitory.  I actually spent more time at Newman Inn than I did at the dorm.

It had a big old fashioned kitchen with a very large pantry.  A cupboard in the pantry was where we kept my bottle of gin.  I was too young to buy liquor, and I really liked gin, so Walt would buy it for me and I kept the bottle in the cupboard.  He would replace it after I'd finished it.  We also left messages for eacha other in the cupboard.  When he decided to give me his fraternity pin, there was no romantic scene when he asked if I wanted to wear his pin--he left it in the cupboard for me to find while he was at work.

I also left a greeting card for him just about every day. 

Remember when greeting cards cost 25 cents apiece??

I spent a lot of time going through greeting card displays whenever I was in a store, and I bought a lot of them, mostly for Walt but also for others if I saw one appropriate.  I always had a big stash of greetings cards so I could find a card for anybody for any occasion whenever I needed one.

I don't have occasion to need a lot of cards any more.  In fact, my stash contains cards I bought for people years ago that I never sent.  One I bought forTom, in fact, a Father's Day card about being a father to a newborn.  I don't know if I found that card before Brianna was born or before Lacie was born, but since Lacie is now 7 and Brianna about to turn 12, it's unlikely I will ever need that card any more!  There is also a card featuring Leave it to Beaver that I probably bought 15 years ago to send to my friend Ann and never did.  A bit too late now.  There are some that I bought for a friend's then-condition, completely different from her condition now, so those are probably never going to be sent.  A couple of dachshund cards for my mother, who no longer has a dog, or remembers her beloved Maxi.

But I also had a collection of holiday cards -- so I always had the "right" card to give to someone (usually Walt) on the occasion of the holiday.  Chocolate themed cards for David Gerrold for Easter, for example.

Well, with Valentine's day coming up, I went to my diminishing stash and discovered I was out of Valentine's Day cards!  I couldn't believe it.  It meant I had to actually go to the card store, something I had done in a very long time.

My God!  Cards are $4-$8 !!!  I saw a lot of cards for a lot of occasions that in the past I would have purchased but, good lord, I could spend more money than I had just to buy a few appropriate cards.

I found a great card for Polly to give to Walt (since Polly always gives him cards).  The damn thing was TWELVE dollars!!!!  So much for that. 

This was at CVS and I ended up getting nothing.  When I went to Nugget supermarket I checked their card choices and they were cheaper (and the card I found for Polly was even better)

, but still, $4 for a greeting card???  I'm going to have to start checking out card ideas and make my own, which Char does.



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